Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 15

Sandwiches with Mac As you may have heard, Mac Smith, life- long Parker County resident, former Parker County District Attorney, and an outstanding lawyer, has joined forces with, and is start- ing the Weatherford office of Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. (HFB). HFB is a Fort Worth-based firm with 35 lawyers covering a wide range of legal specialties, and is pleased to be able to provide its services to the residents of Parker County through its Weatherford office. We are honored that Mac is now leading our work in Weatherford. I met Mac about seven years ago. We were working on a case together and regularly met in Weatherford to discuss the matters we needed to cover before eating lunch at Yesterday’s Sandwich Shop. My favorite is ham and Swiss on wheat, jalapeño chips, and peanut butter cookies. Mac does not tolerate anything on his sandwich other than meat and bread—just plain and dry. Mac Smith Andy Sims But, our lunch conversations have been Work Ethic. Mac works hard and loves what he does. In a case anything but plain and dry. Here is a sampling: Mac tried with me, Mac devised a brilliant line of cross-exam questions that had the witness (who was a lawyer) staring Faith. Mac does not preach much or tell you blankly at his counsel for help. Mac’s simple questions cut more than he knows. Instead, he lives life straight to the heart of the case. Hard work results in simplicity with integrity and humility, and seeks justice. and clarity. Mac’s faith is the kind you wish more people Exercise. Mac is one of the most fit people I know. As a result had. of his dedication, I have made exercise a priority. My wife and I Family. Mac has a lovely wife (Janice) and two regularly work out now, and in the past year my daughters and exceptional daughters. Mac also has sons-in- I have run two half-marathons. I keep telling myself that if Mac law, whom he is proud of, and grandkids that can do it, so can I. have him wrapped around their fingers. Mac and I have a lot in common because my wife Straight Talk. HFB lawyers are known for “Straight Talk.” Mac and two daughters are also exceptional, and has that in spades. He does not beat around the bush. It is I know it takes work to develop strong family refreshing to be around someone with as much experience as relationships. Janice and Mac have first-hand Mac, who can express his knowledge and wisdom in straightfor- experience with making family a priority, ward, sandwich-sized bites. and I recommend taking a page from their Sit down with Mac and enjoy a sandwich. It won’t be plain and playbook. dry. Loyalty. Kim Cherryhomes and Margaret Morris have worked with Mac for a long time. Andy Sims has practiced law for 31 years with Harris, Finley & They respect each other, work well together, Bogle, P. C. He is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal and help each other in and out of the office. Specialization in both Civil Trial and Appellate law. Andy is also No wonder Mac, Kim and Margaret are licensed in Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and was named one of perfect for opening the HFB Weather