Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 13

On Broadway in 1949, Martin appeared in the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit South Pacific. Critics loved her in the comic role of Ensign Nellie Forbush. During the 1950s, she appeared on stage and in television performances of her roles in such productions as The Skin of Our Teeth, Annie Get Your Gun and Peter Pan. She won Tony Awards for Peter Pan and for The Sound of Music, in which she also played the lead as Mary Rainer. She starred in that role from 1959 to 1961. Mary Martin was honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., in 1989. When she died of cancer in California, her cremated remains were buried here in Weatherford, according to her wishes. She always considered Weatherford her home. Mac Curtis Innovative Musician Award   Fort Worth native Mac Curtis began playing guitar at the age of 12, entering local talent competitions. He moved to Weatherford in 1954, and while there he formed a band with two classmates, Jim and Ken Galbreaith. The group played locally, and in 1955 they were offered a deal with King Records, who released their debut single, “If I Had Me a Woman.” Soon after Alan Freed heard the group and invited them to play on his Christmas radio special in 1956. Curtis returned to Weatherford to finish school in 1957 and continued work as a DJ in the South, and released a few albums; his 1968 release, “The Sunshine Man,” hit No. 35 on the U.S. Country albums chart. As rockabilly grew in popularity in the 1970s, he began recording with Ray Campi and signed to Ronnie Weiser’s Rollin’ Rock Records; his career took off there in the 1980s and 1990s. He was later inducted to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He died on September 16, 2013, at age 74, following injuries received in a car accident a month earlier, after which he had undergone rehabilitation at a nursing home. Patsy Hooks Pet Rescue Award She was Weatherford’s beautiful first lady. Throughout her life, Patsy Hooks had a huge heart for animals and advocated for their care and helping them find forever homes. She also believed in serving others. Through her efforts Weatherford’s dog pound became an animal shelter. It was natural that Weatherford’s new Dog Park was named for Patsy, who passed away in 2013.The Patsy Hooks Pet Rescue Award goes to someone who goes beyond the call of duty to help otherwise unwanted pets.  Pat Martin Lady of Title Award Jamie Bodiford Benevolent Powerhouse Award While building an impressive career matching families with the perfect home for them, Jamie Bodiford is always looking for ways to make Parker County even better. Jamie Bodiford became president of the Weatherford ISD School Board at age of 30, she is a former elected member of the board of the Parker County Hospital District, appointed to Parker County Historical Commission, and Chandor Foundation, Weatherford Rotary Club, Board of Directors of Pecan Valley MHMR, she has served on the board of directors for Weatherford Christian School, was a Weatherford City Councilwoman and Parker County Heritage Society. She is known as, ”The Lady Who Saved Chandor Gardens,” just to name a few of the causes she works tirelessly to further. Jamie is also very active in her church, helps anyone in the community she knows who needs a leg-up in their careers, a kind word, is sick or sad. The Jamie Bodiford Award Winner should get a set of Wonder Woman bracelets along with her award. Dr. Jack Eidson Physician Excellence Award See The 2017 Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes Honorees ­— page 14 For more than half-a-century, Dr. Jack L. Eidson helped Parker County families with their health issues. But for most of his patients, he was so much more than someone they went to when they had the flu. Dr. Jack was a beloved and trusted doctor of numerous local families for more than 50 years — he helped bring more than 5,000 Parker County residents into the world. He was especially known for giving one great tonsillectomy and his gracious and gentle bedside manners. He once said, that he was fortunate that he got to practice during the ‘Golden Age of Medicine,’ that period after penicillin and before Medicare.” Dr. Jack was an active citizen and involved with many professional, political, religious, social, civic and government organizations. Dr. Jack was there to help ease the suffering of those who were leaving this world and he helped them through all their health crises, whether they were major or minor and with everything in between. 

 Even though Dr. Jack retired from his practice nearly 18 years ago, and he left this world in 2014, his patients and the entire community still fondly recall his kindness, his gentle bedside manner, and the way that nothing seemed quite as frightening as long as Dr. Jack was there to face it with you. Dr. Jack was more than a great doctor — he was a great human being. Parker County native Pat Martin is a woman who knows the importance of being involved in the community. The Weatherford College graduate has been working in the title business since 1974, starting when she went to work for attor- ney Gabe Vick. After a few year ́ѕȰٕ͡ѕѡ)ѥѱ䰁]ѡəɐQѱกQЁ)䁉ٕՍ͙հ͡Ѽ͕ѡ)ѼÁ٥Ёѹ͡)ѡЁѥՕ́Ѽѡ́)MЁٽٕѡչ䁉䁩ѡ)]ѡəɐ ȁ ɍ͕٥ѡ) ɐɕѽ̸M݅́ͼȁѡ]ѡəɐ)1́ Ո܁]ѡəɐ1̤ѽɕՑ)Ё]ѡəɐ%MȀԁ啅̸M͕ٕѡɐѡ)Aɭȁ չ ѕȁ͕ٕɅ啅̰ݥѠ)͕٥5́]́Ѽɕ̸ͥ)AЁ݅́չȁѡAɭȁ չ!Ѡ)չѥչȁѡ]ѡəɐ%M)չѥѥՕ́Ѽѥٕ䁥ٽٕݥѠѡ)]%MչѥɐḾ͕ٕѡAɭ٥܁QɅ)!ͥ ɐͼȁٕȀ啅̸M)ѥٕ䁥ٽٕ]܁Aɬ ѥЁ ɍՑ)ɕéȁݥѠѡ MՑ͡)]́͡ɔѥ́͡ѥݥѠȁ́)ɽɅٕ她!ȁٽɥє݅Ѽ)ѥ́ݥѠȀāɅ܃MɕеɅɕ)AЁ́ͅѡЁ̃͡qٕ䁅ѥٔѡȁٕϊt%Ё́ݥѠ)ȁѥѼ䁅ѡչѡЁݔѼ)ѡ́݅ɐѕȁȸ(