Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 83

PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY bucking bulls, and they’ve done a fabulous job in size, action, attitude — anything you want in a really good bull. But the Bull’s Night Out is a great night. It’s always fun and always packed!” With 14 years under his belt, Pat Hamilton expressed no plans of quitting any time soon. With the friends and adventures he’s had he enjoys it too much to stop now. “No reason to stop,” he said. “And as long as Mike and I are doing it, if he gets tired we’ll do it with somebody else. Until you get tired of it, and I don’t, it’s just five to six days out of the year, but it’s very worthwhile.” MAY 2016 see wanting to breed my cattle up a little better based on what I’ve seen at the stock show.” Besides his volunteer work, Hamilton and his wife Sharon also enjoy the rodeo. During the week in which he is volunteering she comes down to visit him and they walk the different stalls and often see the rodeo several times. His favorite part is Bull’s Night Out. “It’s all bull riding. You see good bull riders and you see some good wrecks too, but it’s just a lot of action and it’s very well done. They have some really great bulls that they buck out and these cowboys have a hard time keeping up,” Hamilton said laughing. “It’s almost become a breed of its own, 81