Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 68

PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY MAY 2016 66 thought. Then the piece needs to be technically excellent for print quality —correct color, exposure, composition, bringing all the visual elements together in concert to express the purpose of the image.” Steege said proper composition holds the viewer in the image. She decides where she wants the viewer’s eyes to focus and uses the various elements of the piece to direct them. “In painting you can create your light; you can put your light wherever you like,” Steege said. “But as a photographer you find the light and use the light and control the light, shape the light.” She avoids artificial lighting, choosing rather to create with natural light. And as an equine photographer, she never uses tripods. One does have to be able to get out of the way — sometimes in a hurry. And she keeps over-saturation or manipulation as an artistic technique to a minimum. In terms of style, Steege, who grew up riding, raising and showing horses, uses her Nikon to capture a lot of western-themed images — cowboys and cowgirls; horses; rodeo action shrouded in light-infused dust; ranch work; detailed images of supple, colorful chaps and boots; ropes coiled at saddle horns. She also does travel photography and shoots performance artists. Growing up with the sun and surf of Santa Barbara, Steege succumbed to the beauty of the landscape, developing intu itiveness for art. “First as a classical dancer, then as a fashion designer, I looked to create on an emotional level,” she said, adding she’d love to do more dance photography — ballet. A busy woman, along the way she earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota and worked as a pediatric social worker in a county hospital in Minneapolis. She and her husband Dale now live in Silverado at Weatherford. Some 10 years ago she said her husband, who owns United Vet Equine,