Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 66

our art: PAMELA STEEGE Motion, Power, Beauty & Detail Fine art photographer Pamela Steege’s creative journey through the Magic of Light and the Mystery of Shadow T MAY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY he word “art” often brings to mind painting, and the word “artist” one of those paint-daubed creatives who stands before easel with palette, brushing their unique vision of things onto canvas or paper. Of course painting, sculpting, etc., are but a few of the many mediums in art. Regardless of medium, most artists consider art to be both imaginative and emotional, for themselves and the viewers, they hope to affect through the work. Santa Barbara, Calif. native Pamela Steege has been a serious photographer the last eight years and considers fine art photography every bit as valid an art form as painting. “The challenge is to educate people on the value of photography as a fine art,” she said. “I feel as much quality [in a museum-quality photograph] as other artists [do in their work]. Sometimes artists [painters, etc.] may think, ‘Oh, you just pick up a camera and photograph that.’ There’s a large difference between a snapshot and a fine photographic piece.” Basic principles or elements apply. “It’s the art of creative seeing, instilling composition, a story, color, light and shadow — really, all the basics that an artist would use,” she said. To give a better idea of her individual concept of art, Steege read the following as some of the elements that go into producing an outstanding photograph: “Impact — the sense one gets from viewing an image for the first time. Does it have an impact? Creativity — Is it fresh? Is it your own style? Creating your own style, I feel takes years. The expression of your imagination. You’re using a medium to convey an idea, a message or a 64 BY MEL W RHODES