Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 63

Chicken Spinach Salad with Fruit Bowl Healthty Options Available We Do Not Use MSG • Gluten-Free Options Follow Us On Facebook • Winner of Multiple Awards Monday – Saturday: 7 a.m. • Sunday: 8 a.m. 101 W. Church St., Weatherford, TX 76086 • 817-594-8717 MAY 2016 215 N Main St., Weatherford, TX 76086 (817) 594-3333 Closed Monday and Tuesday Wednesday - 4pm-8pm (ish) • Thursday - 4pm-10pm (ish) Friday - 1pm-11pm (ish) • Saturday - 11am-11pm (ish)• Sunday - 4pm-8 pm (ish) PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY so with these curved pews — each one continues the gentle sweep of the last. They also had cushions made, all having to be fashioned to exact dimensions dictated by the centuryplus-old pews. Modern “sensibilities” seem to require softer seating; but many a Methodist and later funeralgoers sat in the bare-wood seating during the entire Twentieth Century … and more. Also original to the building is the ornate pressed-tin ceiling which Plowman estimated received some much-needed restoration in the 1950s. Wide-span ceiling fans were removed. One of the key improvements just prior to the 1954 grand opening of Galbreaith-Pickard was the installation of a 15-ton watercooled Frigidaire cooling and heating system. They chucked the antique ceiling fans. “It was really funny,” said Plowman. “Mr. Galbreaith had told my dad to throw them all away and Dad had thrown two of the three in the dump, but before he threw away the third one he thought: ‘You know, this may still work.’” So he stashed it away. In the 1970s Mr. Galbreaith came across the huge fan while cleaning out the basement. Today the aged air-mover hangs in Plowman’s mom’s house nearby. The Galbreaith-Pickard president has a keen sense of history and is aware of modern society’s predilection for new development, which often threatens historical properties. He’s had offers to buy the North Elm property, though none that would comfortably relocate the business. And if some day someone makes a whopper of an offer, the too-good-topass-up kind, the old Couts Memorial building would not be part of the deal. “We would do everything we could to take it with us. We’ve actually looked into relocating and having the building picked up and moved,” Plowman said. “It would not be a cheap option. They would have to cut that in to seven or eight pieces to get it out of there. It would take someone that really wanted the property to pay that much, enough for us to seriously entertain relocating.” The last offer 61