Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 57

The Kirkwoods were surprised by the smiles of recognition they were met with once the staff laid eyes on the little escape artists. Some of the staff members explained the Kirkwoods how the two had mysteriously disappeared the night before, which of course gave them a good laugh. A few days went by, and the dogs were eligible once more for adoption. That’s when the Kirkwoods showed up with open arms and matching collars for both of them. The Kirkwoods had been talking about getting just one dog, however, Kevin Kirkwood couldn’t part with either of them and Kelly Kirkwood decided two dogs were better than none. “It’s funny because Kelly has a set of twin boys who are 19, and I have a set of twin boys who are 16, so two sets of twin boys. And now we have two twin puppies,” Kevin Kirkwood said, joking that now they have a third set of twin boys. Obviously the fur babies fit right in. The Kirkwoods named their new additions River and Bogey, and they are now adjusting quickly to life with the Kirkwoods. It’s safe to say that their mischievous natures have yet to run their course. When asked if they had any quirky characteristics, Kevin Kirkwood explained, with a laugh, that Bogey was definitely the more rambunctious one. “He’s about one over par,” he said. “He tends to be the most playful, he is somewhat haphazard. Today he was walking beside me on the porch and he was looking at me while he was walking and ran straight into a piece of porch furniture. He is definitely one over par,” he said with a laugh. Kevin Kirkwood went on to say that River is the smartest, the more laid back one. “River is the more roaming one, he’s more curious about what lies beyond. So he’s a little bit more of an adventurer,” he said. He s the one they worry about when things get quiet. PCT suspects he was most likely the mastermind behind the breakout. Kevin Kirkwood told PCT about a time when they chewed through a bag of pennies and he came home to a coppery mess and two innocent-looking, wide-eyed faces. River and Bogey have several other fur siblings, Stella and Roxy, a bulldog and a bulldog-pug mix. The oldest member is Twinkles, a 12-year-old lab who has yet to decide how she feels about the youngsters invading her home, but Kevin Kirkwood knows she will come around eventually. The new furry family members now spend most of their time chewing on shoes they’re not supposed to touch, and greeting their new family with plenty of energy. The third dog in the trio has yet to be adopted, but with such a cute face and a loving personality it won’t be long before someone snatches him up. He’s still young, the perfect age to raise with children, and just as friendly as his siblings River and Bogey. The Kirkwoods are quick to urge anyone looking for a good family pet to check him out. After all, every pet deserves a warm, loving, furever home.  Congratulations Dr. Stacy McCleod 2016 Dr. Noel Bryan Veterinary Medicine Award MAY 2016 Providing Services for: EQUINE • LIVESTOCK • CANINE • FELINE 8283 FM 920 • Weatherford, Texas • 817-458-3355 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY State of the art facility and mobile services 55