Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 56

our stories: PETS Homeward Bound ~ The Great Escape ~ Bogey River Pups BY KATIE RODGERS MAY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY “Happiness is a Partner in Crime” It is said that everyone has a partner in crime, even dogs. This is especially true for the young lab mix dogs that some kind-hearted soul retrieved and brought into the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. The Good Samaritan found the three pups (probably dumped) and brought them in as strays on April 2. Volunteers at the shelter determined the dogs to be a year and a half old at the least, maybe two. All three of them are described as extremely friendly. From their colors and ages the shelter’s staff decided that they were all most likely from the same litter. All was well until two days later when a staff member came in to check on the animals and found only one dog and two empty cages. Somehow, during the night, two of the litter mates had conspired and escaped from the shelter without a trace. “I think one of them got out and broke the other one out,” said Kenzie Montgomery of the WPCAS, joking about 54 the incident. It was a strange sight indeed, and left the shelter staffers baffled as to how they had managed to escape such a secure cell. They were also sad at the loss of the two potential adoptions. However, the very next day, Kelly Kirkwood was walking at Holland Lake Park and stumbled upon the two runaways. She noticed they were quite skinny, and a little skittish. Unwilling to let the sweet dogs risk getting hit by a car, she called her husband, who brought food and water up to the park for the dogs. They weren’t too shy at the smell of food, and the kindly Kirkwoods were able to coax the dogs out of the bushes. “They came out immediately, and we got them in the car and took them to the animal shelter,” Kevin Kirkwood told PCT.