Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 49

Continued from page 32 Tom B. Saunders IV Cattleman’s Award - Erin Siegal Reich This year’s cattleman is actually a cowgirl. Erin Siegal Reich, of FSR Cattle Company LLC, manages a large, family-owned, roping-cattle leasing and breeding business. Erin established her successful career by a happy accident. “I was working in the real estate business. Team roping was my hobby,” Erin said. “My father (Mitch Siegal) was breeding the roping cattle we used for practice.”  Before Erin or her dad realized it, their “little” side business had grown into a successful enterprise and a demanding career. “My father and I are both overachievers,” she said. “Each year I had the aspiration to improve and better the business. Before we knew it, the business became much larger than we ever imagined.”  Even though Erin didn’t plan to become a cattle baroness, she enjoys her serendipitous career for several reasons.   “It gives me great pleasure to work with my father every day and through the course of the day, learn business practices and philosophies that he has learned from being in several businesses throughout the course of his career, as well as those handed down to him from both of my grandfathers. It gives me great satisfaction to combine both business and my passion for roping and running barrels.”  Erin’s focus in giving back to the community is by supporting local law enforcement agencies and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Mary Martin Performing Arts Award Libby Smith You may have seen her on the Weatherford High School stage, or in a Theater Off the Square production — thespian Libby Smith enjoys her forays into the limelight. The 18-year-old senior has been enthralled with performance art most of her life. She traces her passion for acting to her tag-alongs with her father when he worked for a Christian TV/radio station. She was 4 or 5, she said, when she appeared in her first commercial. Libby plans to attend Abilene Christian University and to eventually earn a degree in theater. She hopes to become a film actor and to “do a little theater on the side.” The aspiring actress was born in Fort Worth but has “been here 17 years, and that’s pretty close to being a Parker County native.” Being nominated for this award she said is a “genuine honor. I actually didn’t expect it … so thank you very much!” Roger Grizzard Innovative Educator Award - Amanda Rogers MAY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY This year’s winner of our education award really didn’t aspire to be a teacher. “My great-grandfather was a teacher and later a principal and superintendent. I wanted to be like him, but I thought that would be through psychology and counseling,” Amanda Rogers said. “Teaching kind of chose me.” She trained in psychology with a counseling emphasis and did her counseling internship at Cross Timbers Academy Charter School in Weatherford. After she graduated, she received a call from the academy asking if she’d be interested in a teaching job. She secured alternative certification and began teaching high school biology. Three years ago she moved to the third-grade level and now teaches at Curtis Elementary in Weatherford. “Kids are our future, and I want to make sure we have the best future possible,” she replied when asked why she teaches. She is in her eighth year as an educator. 47