Parker County Today May 2016 - Page 34

“My dream is to find a way to ensure that old buildings/homes, historic or not, are always given another chance and to find a way to support those who live in and love these structures,” she said. She learned her respect and adoration of old homes from her father, a third-generation master carpenter. According to Hamessley, “I guess in the end watching my dad has inspired me to preserve the history of this county through preservation of its buildings and homes.” V.A. Littleton Outstanding Artist Award Hannah Nather Fourteen-year-old artist Hannah Nather has been a resident of Parker County for about two and a half years since moving here from Chicago with her parents. From the beginning she loved drawing. “When I was little, my par ents had these college kids coming over and they would draw with me,” Nather recalled. “I had all these people encouraging me and my art.” When she gets older she wants to be a teacher. “A dance or art teacher,” she said. “Something that deals with the arts.” And, her artwork sells. The first time someone offered her money for one of her paintings, she was taken by surprise. “I took it in to show one of my friends and they wanted to sell it because they thought it was so good,” Nather said shyly. “It sold really quickly.” Her favorite artists include Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. “I like the styles,” she said. “I can’t paint like Van Gogh but he was the first painter that ever did anything like he did. And Monet is very peaceful but also joyful and colorful.” Besides art and school, Nather volunteers at homeless shelters and this summer is going to work at a Bible Camp in Kansas. Patsy Hooks Pet Rescue Award Jackie Ortiz Jackie Ortiz is a Vet Tech at the Weatherford Animal Shelter. Growing up in Mineral Wells, she has been around animals all her life and loves learning and being involved in shelter medicine. Having been there six years, she has seen a lot of changes, but they are all for the better.  Jackie is the go-to-girl if you need help. When she isn’t busy being a fulltime mom, she is dedicated to the shelter’s needs. Jackie is bi-lingual and is occasionally called at home to translate. She is very committed to the shelter and has even taken her “work” home to care for. MAY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Dr. Noel Bryan Veterinarian Excellence Award - Dr. Stacy McLeod This year’s winner of the Dr. Noel Bryan Veterinarian Award knew at age 5 she wanted to be a vet. “Yes, I knew from a very young age,” Dr. Stacy McLeod said. “I knew what I had to do, I got it done, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.” Dr. McLeod and her husband and three girls (4, 8 and 10) moved to Parker County last November, leaving the far-northern-Panhandle town of Spearman to work with doctors Craig Sweatt and Tom Hutchins at North Texas Veterinary Hospital on FM 920 near Weatherford. Saying she appreciated getting the nod for this award, Dr. McLeod told PCT she sees herself in Parker County for some time to come. “I’d like eventually to become an owner in North Texas Veterinary Hospital,” she said. “I want to serve the community. I think there are a lot of ways we can enhance the lives of animals [as well as] humans, via their animals.” Continued on page 47 32