Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 97

anything except horses; she loved horses,” she bragged. Nothing on this Earth could drive Tinker Bell to bark at or bite any human. Because of Tinker Bell’s unique person- ality, Murphree would regularly bring her to assisted living centers, to bring a little happiness to the residents. “It was always just a joy to take her to the nurs- ing homes and see people who would not interact with anyone, with any human, and the minute they would see Tinker Bell, they would totally light up.” As if Tinker Bell’s volunteer work wasn’t enough, she also entered costume contests in and around Weatherford. “She won every contest she ever entered,” Murphree explained. It probably helped that Tinker Bell had her very own costume designer. “She was dressed by Barbara Rumfield, who just loved her from the very start; she probably made her over a hundred outfits. Tinker Bell would see her outfits and try to put them on.” Not only was Tinker Bell the queen of style, but the queen of travel as well. Murphree accounts for all the diffe ɕЁѱ݅́Qȁ ݽձɥqM)ٕѼɥ]ѼѡѥЁ݅)ѥѼͽݡɔЁȁѠ͡āɕ)ٕ̰ٕѡɽյȁѼ ɥѵ́ͱ)Q݅ɐѡݡ͡хѕݔЁ)ͱѱ݅ɥѡ䰁͔͡)ٕѡͼՍt)Qȁ ݽəհQѱ ՅՄ)ݥѠͽݥɕٕȁɅѡ)́ѡ͔ݡݕɔѕ䁡ȁɕ͕)Mѽѡܰ͡͡ѽȁ̰͡ݥ)ɕѱ䁵͕)]ѡəɐAɭȁ չMѕ)٥M ) (ĸԁ5)ѼɽٔQ]A L兹ѡȁͅ٥̸(ѥ́ɔхՍх)єݕѡəɑ๝ؽ)ݕѡəɑ๝)輽ܹ]A (́!1]ѡəɐQ`؁ܴ(