Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 96

our pets: DOG COMPETITION Famed Parker County Chihuahua Tinker Bell Gone But Not Forgotten Kenneth and Nadeen Murphree, along with the rest of Parker County bid a fond farewell to Tinker Bell By ETHAN EVANS Photos by Steve Schillio and Zach Peterson W 94 eatherford parades and festi- vals will never be the same. Parker County’s own Tinker Bell crossed the rainbow bridge after more than 11 years of bringing joy to everyone who knew her. The precious companion, fashionista, wagon enthusiast, and local icon passed on Feb. 5. Although the loss of any fur family member is tragic, Tinker Bell will be remembered fondly by Parker County native and owner, Nadeen Murphree, as she recounts her experiences with her tiny Chihuahua she referred to as her, “dog child.” “I still remember it like it was yesterday,” recalls Murphree. Tinker Bell came to the Murphree house- hold as a rescue in 2007. The little dog was practically abandoned as a result of divorce, and constantly confined to a crate. A friend of the Murphree family brought Tinker Bell and the Murphrees together, and she immediately stole their hearts. Tinker Bell was a gentle, kind, loving little dog who showed respect and affec- tion for all she encountered. “Her personality was nothing like a dog I’ve ever seen before; she was just ‘human-like,’ she loved every- body, she was just unbelievable,” she said. Although Tinker Bell’s love for humans knew no bounds, Murphree said she hated all other animals. “She would attack dogs, cats, Tinker Bell with Nadeen Murphree and a loyal fan.