Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 92

our pastimes: GLAMPING Texas Hill Country Glamping Colorado Bend State Park By MARSHA BROWN W 90 e absolutely loved Colorado Bend, one of the younger Texas’ state parks. It’s quiet, peaceful and lush. If you enjoy hiking through the gorgeous scenery of the Texas Hill Country, this is the Glamping adventure for you. Don’t miss the trek back to Gorman Falls. It’s a true gem of the Texas Hill Country. There are several campgrounds to choose from in the park. We drew Spot #22. It was perfect. Ask for it. Overlooking the Colorado River, it’s a beautifully scenic camp site, and because it’s situated under a giant cedar tree it provides privacy and welcome shade in the warmer months. Colorado Bend is one of the most spectacularly pictur- esque state parks in Texas, in part because of the water- falls. The hike on the trail to Gorman Falls is a little bit challenging, especially toward the end, so be prepared and try to schedule your visit during one of the dryer months so you can enjoy your treks. It’s not as pleasant making this hike in a torrential downpour; it was slippery Photo by Betty Aparicio and it was cold, but once you reach the falls the scenery makes you glad you braved the rain, so I can only imag- ine how much fun it would be in more pleasant weather. We wouldn’t recommend bringing small children or small pets, but this is a great place to bring your teens, especially if you’re Glamping with other families that have teenagers, particularly if they have lots of energy and a strong love for the great outdoors. It’s a great place for a romantic getaway or an outing with several couples as well. There’s definitely a romance about the place. The stars shine brighter here than just about anywhere in Texas. If you’re going during one of the warmer months, don’t forget your insect repellent and your sunscreen. But also don’t forget your swimwear, either. There’s fun swimming adventures and wading opportunities as well. The park is laced with ponds and small waterfalls as well as a few big waterfalls. Parts of this place strongly resemble a setting for a John Ford Western. Enjoy. We did.