Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 88

ML: Professionally, I think my impact is providing accurate records and records management for posterity. Years from now, when none of us are here anymore, I want the citizens of Weatherford to be able to walk through the history and understand how and why the city has grown and developed the way it has. Personally, I’m still trying to figure out what my impact is/should be. I am involved with church, United Way of Parker County, and I really have a heart for the work that the Center of Hope and Grace House are doing in our community.   PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever? ML: No late meetings, and no minutes or agendas to prepare…. so basically the weekend, having all the time I want to spend with my husband and our children doing whatever we want as long as it means no cooking and no house- work. Or a permanent vacation in a sunny place where miraculously, my fair skin doesn’t burn.   PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give? ML: Be yourself, and stand up for what is good and true, and for your friends.   PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have ever done in your life? ML: Visited family in and toured Germany and Switzerland for 13 days with my sister. God bless my husband for letting me do this while he was home with the 7-year old and the 3-year old. Earl King Earl is an attorney practic- ing law under the official name of King & King, P.C. He is also involved in manag- ing real estate properties and various securities under King Investments, Ltd. EK: I can recall several occupations that I considered during my youthful years, some of which were becoming a career military officer and pilot, a Christian minister-missionary and a professional politician, but the one occupation that I always wanted the most was to practice law. PCT: How did you get into your primary occupation? Continued on page 105 patio season at $ 86 4.99 House Margaritas 7 days a week 11aM-7pM Fort Worth Colleyville S. Arlington WeAtherFord BAllpArk AddiSon 6125 SW Loop 820 5150 Hwy. 121 6407 S. Cooper 1302 S. Main 2150 E. Lamar Blvd. 4021 Beltline Rd. 817.423.3124 817.354.3124 817.465.3122 817.598.5944 817.795.4555 972.239.5099 BurleSon 295 E. Renfro 817.295.5453