Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 68

Continued from page 22 DB: To avoid reality … It is all about escaping. PCT: What is your favorite novel? DB: I do not read books much as I am too busy, but I enjoy read- ing when on vacation. Thorn Birds was fabulous and A Confederacy of Dunces was hilarious. PCT: What do you do to decompress? DB: Piddle with art, Pinterest or go shopping … PCT: What is something people don’t know about you? DB: I sometimes look at people, and want to fix them. PCT: What would you most like to be remembered for? DB: That I cared…and wanted the best for people. PCT: If you could have lunch with any one, either living or dead from history, who would it be? DB: My grandmother or mother-in- law … I miss them both. PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever? DB: Relaxing at the side of the ocean with my little man. PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give?  DB: Treat others as you would want them to treat you…Kindness is rare today. PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have ever done in your life? DB: I will never tell … Debra Smith Debra is the President/GM of Pulliam Pools PCT: How did you get into your occupation? DS: I owned a small management company. I was contracted part time to help the owner’s wife while she was pregnant. I managed to garner ten referrals within the first week from a strategy I used, so I was offered a full time job. I loved the industry and stayed passionate about it. PCT: What is your favorite novel? DS: Not a novel, but The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. It will change the way you run your life and business. I highly recommend it! I sent a copy to a teacher friend in Denton and the entire school changed because of it. It was so impactful. PCT: What do you do to decompress? DS: ƖRFvFFRG&6Bvư"r6Bvvvr6FVVBvRs5CbRBFFFW" FvB^( &RFrvBvV@RF*D#FVfFVǒf6( dfRF7&VFRBFW6v5CvB2W"7BF&W 6VGD#VfRG&bvƗGFW"vW&WfW v( `c`BƗF6B'ƖFVR6vƖFVRf"&W"6VG6W&wwrƖFVR&W"6VG6