Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 67

booth at one of these places on the weekend and kind of ‘grind it out’ with prints,” he said. “That’s some- thing that I’m still working on.” Oddly enough, while Lee hopes to make a living from his art, at rock bottom, that’s not what it’s all about for him. “For me, it’s about my own jour- ney, for the lack of a better word. It’s everything I do, my passion, my life. I don’t care if I ever sell a painting or a drawing or anything that I have as far as my art. [Not] as long as I’m getting something out of it, and I’m doing something almost every single day. That’s the main thing — it’s a passion and a gift I have that makes me feel alive. And if an audience gets it, it means a lot more, sure. I don’t know how many artists we would have — and it doesn’t matter what area it’s in — continually doing what they are doing unless there was money involved with it. Take money out of the picture and how many artists are still pursuing it? I would still be pursuing it without the money. And I can tell you that because I’m a starv- ing artist.” art show March 17, 2018 11 am – 4 pm Application deadline March 2nd Weatherford Farmer’s Market 217 Fort Worth Highway Weatherford, Texas Art In Action is a Juried Event Peggy Hutton Weatherford Chamber of Commerce 817-596-3801 To view Art In Action guidelines and to register visit: For inquiries, call Come Watch Local Artists In Action! 65