Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Never Hire Friends? I 4 always wanted to be a business- woman. When I told my father (a long- time entrepreneur), he gave me advice, lots of it. His favorite jewel was, “Never hire your friends, ever.” That made me sad because, growing up, I dreamed of having a business staffed by brilliant, fun, witty friends — like all the great workplace sitcoms of the 20th century — The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Designing Women, Cheers, The Dick Van Dyke Show, M.A.S.H., and WKRP in Cincinnati. They all had fun, they watched each other’s backs, their conversations were filled with witty, hilarious, interest- ing banter and their problems were all solved in 30 minutes or less (that included commercials). When my dad advised me to avoid hiring friends, I said, “That’s the main reason I want to be in busi- ness, so I can work hard and have fun with my friends.” His reply was, “Yeah, well, that sounds great. But, I’m warning you, they’ll break your heart.” Since that time, I’ve had mostly great success in hiring good people, lots of longtime friends, most of whom I knew from working with them in the past. Friends like Mel Rhodes, Misty Browning, Crystal Brown, and Kathy Jones are truly a joy to work with. They were all friends before they came to work for me. My partner in life is our art director. He is a kick, talented, weird and fun. We watch each other’s backs; I can always depend on him. But, I have tried to heed my father’s advice, really. I have hired a number of people I didn’t like at all. One guy used to work for one of our competitors. He was never a friendly competitor. He was actually more of a nemesis. He strolled into our office one lovely spring morning and asked me for a job. “Interesting,” I thought. “This is just the kind of employee that my father would approve of. We aren’t friends at all. In fact, I really don’t even like him. Daddy would have been soooo proud of me.” Silence hung in the air as I pondered this possibility. I actually played out a conversation with my father in my head. “I hired someone today that I actively dislike.” “Excellent,” I imagined him saying. “He won’t be able to manip- ulate you as easily and it will be easier for you to maintain boundar- ies. Great job.” This scenario was interrupted by a strange coughing sound. “Should I leave?” dislikable guy said, bringing me back to my office on the Planet Earth as my father’s approving image faded from sight. “Sorry. I was just wondering about something,” I said, “Why do you want to work for me? I’ve always thought you hated my guts.” Without blinking an eye, he said, “I do. But I need a job.” Somehow that tickled my odd little funny bone and I laughed and laughed. I looked up and noticed that he wasn’t laughing at all. He wasn’t smiling. Ooooppps! He was dead serious. So, I took the logical course — I hired him. Thinking I was heeding my father’s advice, I hired H^B]YYKH^HY&]][HYH\\Z[܈YKH[H]\Y\HH\KB\\[]Y\[ۈوB[YKx&[HY\[]\Z\XH\\Y\HH[YBX[YK[Y X\H]XZ\š\HZY ]YH\^K\[H^H]Z[YY\š]Y܈YH\[\؈[\BY]8%]X[HY&][ \]\Y] Hܙ]ܝوZH[K[HY]]][XH[[و^BX[H][K][\^HY[ B[˂ZH[[KH[YB\H^\[[YHH[KBY[[ ]x&]H[^\Y[ܘ]Y[H[Y]Y[YB[Y]HYHH؋[HYZ\\[Y\x&YYZ[H\[[KB]H[H[HوXKH^X\X]YHH[YH^K\\H\X[[Y[و]\]Y]BX\Y\HܛH[H\[\ܛ8%܈]\Y[^K]8&\Bݙ[KH[\\X\[\]\]Y]B\XXY[ܙHٝ[\H^\\]X[\[\\ZB\ۙH][]\\Yٚ[H\[Y\˂[[\\[^[\HوB[\ܚ[[][ۜ\\BۙH]Y[\Z\XH\\[[H][ \ˈ][\š\YH\[\ܙX]܈وB\Y\[XYو\X[ۜ\\[H\Y\0^[H]K\\\H\XBو\&\\[H\Y\[YHو^H[Hˈ\ˈ][ ]X \HX[ 0^[H]p\˜X]Y[\]Y[\Y[]H\وH [\KX\HH[\HܞHH\ۚX˂H\Y\Y[[ NNN \˂][[ܙ][Y^X\ۜ[[][Y[ [\H\H[Y\X[BX\ٝ[[ݚY\ˈH\\œ[Y ]]]\[[œX[ۋ[[܈Y]]B\[ݚYHYYۈH[KBX[HوۙH\Y[X\&\Y\[۝[YYۈYH