Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 56

down healing, leading to a greater chance that the back pain becomes chronic. •Occupation – Jobs that involve heavy lifting/twisting or bending have a higher chance of leading to back pain for the employees. Sitting for long hours at a computer doesn’t help, either. “I provide a number of non-inva- sive options for dealing with spinal issues,” Dr. Happ said, “They include Spinal Decompression Therapy, that involves stretching the spine, using a traction table or similar motorized device to help relieve back pain. They also offer patients decom- pressive spinal procedures such as laminectomy, discectomy, as well as foraminotomy, and a number of others.” Dr. Happ customizes the treat- ment plan based on the patient — not on the condition. Through his years of experience, Dr. Happ feels that patients with pain issues are all individuals and he customizes treat- ment plans to maximize results for each one to make their back pain in their past. Dr. Catherine Oseni AlphaCare Wellness Center H 54 ighly regarded for her expertise in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Catherine Oseni, Pharm.D., FAAMFM, ABAAHP, is the founding owner of Alpha Care Wellness Center, Parker County’s leading resource for integrative well- ness solutions, located at 945 Hilltop Drive, Suite 100, in Weatherford. Dr. Catherine is a Diplomate, board certified and an advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine and is board- certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). She is also a certified compounding phar- macist, certified First Line Therapy provider, and an advanced certi- fication in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Provider. She is completing a fellowship in integra- tive cancer therapies and a masters degree in Cardiometabolic and Functional Medicine. By collaborating closely with her patients, and their established health care providers When it comes to working with her patients, Dr. Catherine is able to focus on healing the whole person, not just the disease — mind, body, and spirit. Her work with both tradi- tional and holistic medicine has allowed her patients to partake in medication that is alternative, while simultaneously showing positive results. The most common three health issues that people talk about are achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, chemical dependency and lack of energy and a waning libido. Lack of energy is one of the most common complaints Dr. Catherine hears. “When people are tired all the time it can be because of any one of many problems; there can be so many reasons,” Dr. Catherine said. “Perhaps it’s a lack of good sleep, or it could be for over-stressed adrenals. It could be that they’re not eating the right foods or it could be one prob- lem or a combination. Usually we have to dig to find out. That’s what I love about functional medicine. I love to dig down and find the root- cause of health problems.” Dr. Catherine studied at the Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy and earned her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2006. Afterwards, she worked in a retail pharmacy, but advanced into practice as a commu- nity pharmacist. Later, she became a pediatric clinical pharmacist with the Children’s Healthcare System of Atlanta, working later at the Kindred Hospital in Fort Worth. Dr. Catherine began offering consultations in 2010, and acquired her compounding pharmacist certifi- cation in 2012, becoming a member of the Professional Compo VFp6VFW'2bW&644R`FRW6Fr&w&26RffW'22WV7WFfRvVW72&w&( 6W26&fPFV"fW&&GV7FfGb&FFV"WV7WFfW2BVVW2'VGV6FrFV&WBVFWG&ЧFWW&66RB6FfRv2FFR7G&W72( G"6FW&R6B( W'6&VVfG2WW&V6VB'vVW72&w&'F6G26VFP7&V6VBVW&wWfV26p6W76FVFW"fB66W2vW"6W7FW&WfV2VFvVvB72fVVƖrW727G&W76VB@W7BfVVƖr&R66ǒfB( Ėf7B6W2vffW vVW72&w&2FBV6W&vPVFƖfW7GR66W26W7VǐWV7Bw&VB&Wv&G2FFFF7&V6VB&GV7FfGFWVvW"VF6&RVF&VFVB67G2&VGV6VBVVR'6VFVV6@&fVBWV7WFfR&VF2@&WGFW"6&RFW6FVBFfRV6vW"&FR`'W&WBBGW&fW"( ФG"6FW&R2VFrWW'@WV7WFfRvVW72FR&W 6VG&V6Rv&2vF6ЦW2FFW6vvVW72&w&2FVGV6FRBVvW"WV7WFfW2F&fRFV"VFr&G2&V6P&R7FfRBVFRVW&W0&VVfG2bVFƗfrG"6FW&RffW'27VpVvvVVG2ƗfRv&62@6V֖'2B7W7FFW6vV@vVW726VvW2BVvW'0WV7WFfW2BVVW2FFR7FfR&RFV"VFB&VFR&VVfG2brVFƖfRЧ7GR66W2( Ē6ffW"6&VV6fRWFЦ&Ɩ2FWFf6FBVFvr&w&2f"WV7WFfW2( ФG"6FW&R6BFFrFB6P2&RFWBFvWFW"&w&Ц7W7F֗VBFfB6&Vv&FW72br6"r&vRG"6FW&RBFRVF&RFVЦB6&RvVW726VFW"f'v&BFVrR6WfRFFvVW72vRvF6RvFFR&vB7WVVG2&6VBW VVRVF&fRBVFv2vVR&R&VGFfVVW &W7BRFVBvFG"6FW&R6VvVFW&f&B@6&RvVW726VFW"6RVVBFFWfVFRFRЦw&FfR66W"FW&&w&@FR6VFW"f"66W"B&@F6&FW'2f'Bv'F6R07W'&VFǒFRF&V7F"bFVw&FfPVF6RBFR6VFW"f"66W B&BF6&FW'2f'Bv'FB6W'fW22FRF&V7F"`6Ɩ6&76W'f6W2@FVw&FfRVF6RBFRVr`6VW7V6Ɨ7G2b'FFW2vVFW&f&B