Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 53

Continued from page 46 Dr. Akif Mohammed Heart Center of North Texas B Dr. Ray Page — Valuing the Home Field Advantage President, The Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders (CCBD) Vice Chief of Staff, Medical City Weatherford D r. Ray Page is the world-class oncologist who brought state- of-the-art cancer diagnosis and treat- ment to Parker County. “I’ve been practicing in Weatherford and taking care of Parker County cancer patients for more than 20 years now,” Page said. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here for the long haul.” It’s not unusual for doctors to come move in, establish a practice and then move on to larger markets, usually chasing bigger incomes. But, Page is heavily involved in the community and he makes it clear that he’s here to stay. “I’m dedicated to this commu- nity,” Dr. Page said. Page and his wife Dr. Sheila Page live in the Aledo area where they have been raising their five children, been heavily involved with education, helped restore a local church and have been dedicated to a number of local charities including Careity Foundation; he heads up the non-profit’s Men’s Initiative. Page grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas, and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Biology from Southwestern University in 1984. He then received a Master’s Degree in Physiology at Baylor University Graduate School-Baylor College of Dentistry. He entered the nation’s first combined D.O./ Ph.D. medical scientist program at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth and in 1991 received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology, along with his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Page completed his residency in internal medicine at the UNTHSC/Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas, and completed a combined oncology/hematology fellowship at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The CCBD presence in Parker County started off small. Page and his fellow founders began their mission for Parker County in ѡ) 5ɥ!х)5 ]ѡəɐQ)ٕՅٕɕɽ́ѡɕа)ݡɔѡȁɅѥɕչѥ)٥ѼѡȁɕЁѥ)MфɥٔЀЁ啅́)QӊéЁѡ䁕ͥ )́ɥͥ́յ)ѡɅѥ́ɽݸѼ)Ց́ѡɽ՝Ёѡ)9ѠQ́ɕɽMѕ٥Ѽ)ɱѽ)]ÁٽѕѼȴ)ѡѥ́ѡ ٔ)ѡٕ䁉Ёэͥ)ѕɕЁȁѥ́ɕ́)役́ᅵѥɽ̸q'e)ɸ%ȸ5)́ѡչЁ)ɕ]́ѡȁ͕݅)5ٕ݅́չ)܁ɽݥѡЁ݅ѕѼ)ɔЁ͕͔+q$Ё䁑ݡ$݅́)啅ȁ!ͥٔ)х5䁵ɽ՝Ё)ݥѠ䁕Ёͥ́ݥѠ)Սձ$Ёѕɕѕ)ͽ䁅Ёٕչ)ɕ饹ѡͽձ)ɥ䁙ݕЁѡɽ՝t)5ͅ)]ɕ܁5)ՑЁ=͵5 )ѕȁ٥ѼѼѡȁ)Սѥ]ѡɔ)ȁѡI兰 )A̸ͥ)1ѕȰٕѼ ٕ)=ݡɔՑٕѡȰ)ɕͥЁЁ ͔]ѕɸ)Uٕͥ丁ݥѡѥ)́ɕͥ䰁ݕЁѼՑ) ɑ䁅Ё!ɐ!х)ɽаѡѥé)ɕݹ͍́ȁɑ)ȸ5́)䁍ɑم͍ձȁɕ̃Pձ)䁡ѕͥЁɔѕȴ)ٕѥɑ䰁х)Ё͕͔ѡ͔ɔ)ܸ!́ͥɔѼѽ)͕͔ɔЁ́ɽ)́́+q5䁱ѕɴͥ́Ѽ)ѥ́Ё͕ɕѕ)ȁѡȁ͕͔ɔЁ́ѽє)%ѡхєQ̰ѡɅє)хѥ́ɔѡѕٕѥ)ݥѠѕ́ȁѡ͕͔́5䁝)́Ѽэѡ͕͔Ё)ѡՐɔӊéѽє5Ʌ)ѥ͔́)ѥ́AɭȁQɅЁո)ѥ̰$ѼѥՔѼ)ѥ́ѼѡЁ䁅䳊t)5ͅ)%́ɕѥ5)́䁵q'eѕ)͉ѕѼ)̸$ѼѥݥѠ)䁑ɥ䁙ɕѥ́Ս)́ͥ$她ݥѠ)̰ѥЁݽɭЁ)ѡ崸$ͼѼٽո)х䁡Ѡ́Ѽɽ٥Ѡ)ɔ͍ɕ̳tͅ(