Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 48

46 of North Texas in Denton. Wilkes had always been fascinated by the diversity of skin, which fueled his desire to pursue dermatology as a profession when he began medical school.  “I quickly became interested in this field as I learned of various skin diagnoses and was able to associate the things I had learned with that I had previously seen on friends and family members,” Wilkes explained. He went on and received his medical degree from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010, completing his internship at Corpus Christi Medical Center in 2011 and a residency in dermatology at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in 2014. It was during his third and fourth dermatology rota- tions where he got to work with other dermatologists and “play detective” with his evaluation of the patients and look for clues to assist in diag- nosis.   “I was amazed at how much you can learn about a person just by looking at their skin, such as whether they have pets, which side they sleep on, whether or not they might have liver or kidney disease, their vacation habits, and so on. There are over 2,000 distinct skin diseases and we are learning more and more about the skin every day, which is very exciting, challenging, and humbling at the same time,” said Wilkes.  Patients appreciate that compre- hensive detective work and approach to the treatment of their skin disor- ders. Wilkes sees every patient as an individual and takes into account all factors pertaining to the patient’s problems, spending an extensive amount of time getting to know each patient so he can best tailor their therapy. In addition to general dermatology, Wilkes specializes in advanced aesthetic surgery as well as cosmetic dermatology. Wilkes has won numerous awards including the Daniel Koprince, DO, Award for Education, given to the top resident presentation. He’s also a busy man as the adjunct faculty member of Michigan State University and John Peter Smith Hospital, where he teach- es medical students and residents.  He is a member of numer- ous organizations, including the American Academy of Dermatology, American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Society for Mohs Surgery, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, Tarrant County Medical Society, Texas Dermatologic Society and the Texas Medical Association.  Even with the awards and titles, it’s his passion for helping his patients with skin cancer and helping save their lives that really brings it all home for him.  “My real passion is assisting people in finding and eradicating their skin cancer; and doing so in a manner which minimizes scarring for an excellent cosmetic result. I have had family members and friends that have been diagnosed with mela- noma; some of these resulted in very large surgeries, and sadly some had a worse outcome. I know the real consequences that can happen if this skin cancer is not found early. While my least favorite thing is to have to inform someone that I foun BVЦ6fVVw&VBV7W&RশvrFBFVFǒ6fVBFV ƖfR( ФG"F&ƖFWVvRVF66VFW"'&6V&W'6&6VBf֖ǐ&7F6P@"F&ƖFW&V6RF7F"&V6W6R6RvFVBFVVRvWBvVB7FvV'WBFR67G&G2WB6Ц66&R'7F2FBvFP&7F6W2b6F7F'2@7W&6R6W2FB6gFVআBFRW'6R7G&w26V7FrFPFVG2vFFRF7F'>( 6&RFVG0FRVF6&Rf"F6ƒЦ6FVBF&fFRFRWfVb6&R6PfVV2FVG2FW6W'fRआW"6WFV6RBf6VBf֖ǐVF6&7F6RBbBЦ6VG'F7F"66WB( 6VR&RF76F2ЦfVBvFFR6&RFW&V6VfRFPG6F7F.( 2ff6R( ƖFW6B( rvBFW2'W6VBBЦVG2B&&VǒvWGFrF6VRW &'6&RF7F"&RFw2F@g'W7G&FRFVG2vFVB&7F6PFBvWG2&6FVF6RFRv@v2VBF&RvFFRF7F"@FVBv&rFvWFW"( Ь*ƖFW( 2&7F6R2W7BFBगN( 2FW&W7Fr66WBBখG&wVrRFW"FrF@g'W7G&FW2FVG22rFff7VB@2F&V6W"F7F"vFVVWW'2ff6RvW'2f6VBFPG&VFVB&V6&FrFB7F'G2WB( Ė`F22VW&vV7rW@F( n( Ю( ĒF( BfR&V6WF7B( Ч6R6B( Ē7vW"גvPBRגvFVG2ऒ&VƖWfRFBFWfVrVƗG&VF6vFF7F"vw0RB6&W2&WBR2FR&W7@vF&fFRVF6&R( Ь*ƖFWvfW2W"FVG2gV66W72F&V6W"F"vB6VF|*W"6VV&W"BVf"fbֆW'267VFF2f"fBFǒfVRf֒ЦǞ( <*VF66&R2&fFVB*N( 0BbƖRrw'WB^( &PrGf6VBf֖ǒVF6&7F6R*( ĒvFVBגFVG2FfP6'BvFrFW26RF WBFFVG2WFVFV@FVBFW2( 6R6B( אFVG26VvrFF7F BBfrFW&fW&V6Rg&Ц7W&6R6W2( ФG"ƖFW26FRVFFRVFW67F2fb7'G2&VFVBFFR'&6VvW2( W"VF66VFW"6'2&PFR6R2FR'&6VvW2( 6P6B( 7BF2vRvV"'&6VvR6'2( Ф6FVVBvRS