Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 44

our professionals: DOCS THAT ROCK Parker County’s Top 10 Greatest Doctors By MARSHA BROWN What’s the Difference Between a Good Doctor and a Great One? The most important qualities of a great healer are hard to define using just a few words. Being a great doctor goes far beyond education and knowledge, although we all certainly want our doctors to have all of that. It’s far beyond how your doctor performed on the board exam. Being a great doctor goes beyond having skill. If your doctor is a surgeon, it’s important to he has steady hand, but just as important is wisdom and discernment so he knows when it’s best to operate. 42 Doctors who navigate through the complexities of providing health care are skillful, mindful, compassionate and intuitive. They also listen to and care deeply about their patients. Here are 10 doctors who are the embodiment of those qualities.