Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 33

Future plans for Oglesby include attending Alabama State University for a degree in nutrition, then doing a double major in kinesiology.  She started her love of sports by playing basketball and moved on to lifting weights, loving the gym atmosphere. Right now, she’s look- ing at that close graduation date and plans to fill up her free time with more volunteer work, especially with her first love, the Weatherford Noon Lions Club. Jocelyn Wear Animal Lover  Often, we get so caught up in the world of humans that it’s easy to sometimes overlook the animals that live with and around us here in Parker County. However, one of the nominees for this year’s Horizon Awards, 16-year-old Jocelyn Wear, is not only thinking about our furry friends, she is actively working to ensure their health and happiness.  “She has always had amazing abilities with animals,” Jana Wear, Jocelyn’s mother, said. “If one of her grandmother’s horses needs catching and no one can catch them, Congratulates Luke Williams 2018 Parker County Horizon Award Winner SADDLES • TACK • BOOTS • HATS • GUNS • GEAR 3001 Interstate 20 Frontage Rd | Weatherford, TX 76087 | 817-599-3400 Jocelyn can coax them to come to her. If a dog is limping, she must stop and help it. If one of our chickens is sick, she will nurse them until they are well.”  When Jocelyn was 14, she declared that she wanted to attend college in order to become an animal control officer so that she could provide rescue to animals, as well as educate others on how to take good care of animals, her mother said. Jocelyn has always loved animals, and although she wasn’t able to volunteer at the animal shelter when she was younger, she still found a way to help. In lieu of asking for presents on her birthdays, she would ask her birthday party guests for dog and cat food, donating it to the shel- ter. When Jocelyn turned 16, she immediately volunteered there.  “Jocelyn has not always thoug )͕́䁅́͡՝и)Méͼյ͡ͻeЁɕ)ݡЁ́͡ȁѡ̰ݡЁ)ɕ́͡Ѽѡ̳t)ȁѡȁͅ)9Ё䁡́)币