Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 32

a mission trip to Gilbert Christian School in Miraibalais, Haiti. It won’t be her first trip to Haiti. Her mother took her on a mission trip there when she was in the seventh grade, and Delaney fell in love with the culture and the people. Delaney made a friend when she was there years ago and wanted as little of a language barrier [as possible] when speaking with her, so she taught herself Creole.  “She came home and said she had to learn Creole to talk to Rebecca. She studied enough on her own to communicate with her friend and the other kids. It was all her, she got the book and studied on her own. As a mom, it’s great to watch the plan unfolding that God has for her,” said McKeown, who is certain her daugh- ter is a leader who is going to go out and save the world. She just might be right about that. Delaney and her friends lead an off-campus Bible study for their peers that do not have a youth group home. The girls plan each study the weekend before, and then come together at different locations on Wednesday nights to discuss topics that are meaningful to girls their age. The leadership in these studies is a testament to Delany’s faith and her willingness to let God lead her in her life. When asked about her future after high school, she’s not sure what she will be doing, but she knows she will be where she is supposed to be.  “Wherever I go, I want to be around people and involved in the community I’m living in,” Delaney said. “I know God’s going to take me where I can help people.”  Re-Elect 30 Jordan Oglesby Volunteer Extraordinaire What started as a quest to win an award for volunteering during her freshman year of high school changed the life of 17-year-old Jordan Oglesby. The prestigious Superintendent’s Award is an award and graduation rope given out to the student who completes over 100 hours of community service in one year. Oglesby worked the vast majority of her community hours at the Weatherford Noon Lion’s Club concession stand at the Parker County Livestock Rodeo after her mom’s co-worker, Carol Cain, invited her to come help out. “I was trying to get the [Superintendent’s] award freshman year and had to do the community service hours to get it,” Oglesby explained. “Carol asked me if I’d like to help the Lions and I said ‘yes.’ It started out as me wanting to win this award and ended up helping these people out.” “Jordan was always willing to work,” said Cain. “Early morning, during the day, at night and even weekends, whatever we needed her to do, she would do. This was her third year to help us out at the rodeo. Last year we were short-handed and she worked every day with no complaints. I’ve never seen a harder working teenager. [She’s] always smiling and having fun.” Fast forward to 2018 and the Weatherford High School junior loves to volunteer in the community when her busy schedule allows it. Right now she is on the path of graduating early in September due to all of her hard work taking advanced and extra classes. After school, she works with the younger Roos at the Community Education Program Kids Unite at Bill Wright Elementary as a role model. It’s a fulfilling job that both she and the kids love. “I love meeting and getting to know all these kids, being able to give them a positive relationship full of fun crafts and games that they will always remember,” she said. Experienced H Conservative H Leader- MARK RILEY Parker County Judge Political ad paid by Mark Riley Campaign, J. Riley Treasurer, P.O. Box 632 Weatherford, Tx 76086