Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 29

planned out, and it’s all about helping people and saving lives. The 16-year-old has always been interested in the medical field and sports medicine, using that inter- est as an athletic trainer. It wasn’t until he went on a clinical rota- tion at Parkland Hospital in Dallas that he knew he wanted to go into emergency medicine. Jonathan is now enrolled in a clinical rotation program at the high school.  “I did a year of learning my sophomore year and now do clini- cal rotations at Urgent Care Tuesday through Friday for an hour to an hour and a half,” he explained. “After that, I will be doing rotations at Excel ER in Weatherford.” He will complete his emergency medical technician (EMT) certification when he graduates high school.  On top of his rotations is a large class load, including a few Advanced Placement core classes and electives. But one class is his absolute favorite.  “It’s seminar and it’s the first year Weatherford has had it. Staci Tharp is a great teacher. It’s research writ- ing and debate, and we research topics and write collegiate papers about those topics. I enjoy that a lot. I’ve always enjoyed writing and it brings a different element and makes me more professional in my writing tactics.”  “Jonathan embodies the hope for the future generation in all that he is as a student,” said Tharp. “His intellectual curiosity, interest in and knowledge of national and world affairs, and his ability to rally his peers to think at exceptional levels characterizes his classroom participa- tion. Jonathan’s leadership skills are natural.”  When not in rotations after school, Jonathan plays sports. He is in five events in track and field, including both hurdle runs, the 110-meter dash and the 100-meter hurdle, along with the 30-meter hurdle and the 4x4 hurdle long and triple jump. He’s also involved in the men’s volleyball team for Club Texas 18 Elite. The team went to the nation- als last year and are planning another run this summer. The volleyball team is an experience that Jonathon enjoys.  “I love volleyball and I love my team. We are all close friends outside of the sport and it’s a good experi- ence.” This summer, Jonathan will be going to Texas Boys State in Austin. He was the only student voted on by his teachers to go and be sponsored to the mock government event. It’s a huge achievement that should not be taken lightly. His summers also consist of working at the Fort Worth Zoo as a teacher’s assistant in the Education Department. He works with children who attend the Zoo Camp, educating them about the different animals at the zoo.  After next year’s graduation, Jonathan is interested in attending the University of California in San Diego. He said that they have a good cogni- tive science program and a NCAA volleyball team for boys. He even knows what he will be doing to make money while attending college.  “I would like to get my paramed- ic certification and my plan is to get that so I can work as a paramedic as I go to school.” Congratulations Jonathan! Dream It. Wish It. Do It. Catlin, Lillard & Co. PC Certified Public Accountants 126 S. Ranch House Rd, Suite 1200 • Willow Park, Texas • 817-441-2600 6901 River Park Circle • Fort Worth, Texas • 817-732-2171