Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 24

Samuel L. Little Sam is the owner of EcoVantage history, who would it be?  SL: Albert Einstein.  PCT: If you had to do another job other than what you’re doing, what would you do?  SL: Treasure hunter.  PCT: What is your impact to Parker County?  SL: I have brought solar power to Parker County.  PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever?  SL: A day when I am able to help a customer solve a problem they have.  PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give?  SL: Install solar for peace of mind.  PCT: How did you get into your occupation? SL: I was working for the Corp of Engineering in Oregon on a UN project when my mother back in Weatherford was having power outages and having to replace several electrical appliances; I needed to do something. So, on one of my visits home I installed a solar backup system to protect her house and keep her lights on. After that job in Oregon was complete, I came back to Weatherford and started EcoV FvPVW&w2&V6W6R6rrvVFR77FVBvGFVf"גFЦW"v&VB*5C*vB2FR7BFW&W7FpFrRfRWfW"FRW ƖfS*4ì*v2'BbWVFFFW&RFRw&B6BG'B&fRFRW7FV6Rb6fPFBBVwF'Ff7G2BF&VФF2FR&W"6VGVV7F2F֖7G&F 5C*vB2W"ff&FRfV*4ì*( FR&W&RFVFG( '&&W'@VFV*# 5C*vBvVBR7BƖRF&P&VV&W&VBf#4âFBVVBג7W7FW'26fPFV"VV7G&2&*5C*bR6VBfRV6vFRVFW"Ɨfr"FVBg&Х5C*vB26WFrVRF( @r&WBSDӬ*7BVRF( BrFB7VB7BV"v&r6VF&&GW&rFRf'7BwV`v"5C*vBvVBR7BƖRF&P&VV&W&VBf#DӬ*vVBƖRF&R&VV&W&V@2vBW6&BfFW"w&FfЧFW"Bg&VB5C*bR6VBfRV6vFRVFW"Ɨfr"FVBg&Ц7F'vvVBB&SDӬ**vVBƖRFfRV6vF&Fגw&FfFW'2BfFW"FFVFVrV6FW6VBאƖfR5C*bRBFFFW" FW"FvB^( &RFrv@vVBRF*DӬ*fRג"fW'V6'WB`6VBBFBvW"vV@v&6F66r5C*vB2W"7BF&W 6VGDӬ*FR&vvW7B7BfR&W"6VG2FR7W&RVV7F2&R'Vf"BW7@v'FRr5C*vB2W"FVfFbFP&W7BFWfW#DӬ*ג&W7BFWfW"2F67VBvFגw&G63G&7FbB66RB5C*vBFRFFFV6&W73*4ì*FRגFrrvƷ2*5C*vB26WFrVRF( @r&WBS*4ì*v2U2"f&6R7W'ff7G'V7F"&Vf&Rv26fVvЦVW"*5C*vBFRFFFV6&W73DӬ*FFV6&W72ƖRFG&fVvFWfגvfR5C*rFBRvWBFW 67WFDӢv2FVB'ffRЦV&W"VV7F6֗76㠤6VGVFvRFV7&F2'G6"&WV&Ɩ6'G6"6VG6W&B6VGF76W76"6V7F"5C*vB2W"ff&FRfVDӬ*fRF&VB6F2v2&@RRbגff&FW22FR`Gv6FW25C*vN( 2FR&W7BV6RbGf6PRvVBvfS*DӬ*VFRƖfRvB2vfV৖RN( 2vF6'BBF5C*vB2FR7BFW&W7FpFrRfRWfW"FRW ƖfSDӢB֖vBB6VVFB6F&GV6R66rגFVvFW 7FWRfW&BvpFRD47FFR666Pv2fFVBebFRFW&VBrFBv26