Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 12

Austin T. Rielly Kinney Austin is the project manager at American Barns and bar manager/tender at Antebellum Ale House. He was also our 2017 Bachelor of the Year PCT: What is something people don’t know about you? AK: I like animals more than people but don’t tell my friends, I still think they’re pretty cool. PCT: What would you most like to be remembered for? AK: I would most like to be remem- bered for making a difference in changing the state that too many endangered species are in. I want to be remembered for helping those in need no matter who or what. PCT: If you could have lunch with any one, either living or dead from history, who would it be?  AK: Former President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. I would just have so many questions! PCT: How did you get into your occupation? AK: My parents moved to Weatherford from Spokane, Washington to start American Barns, so I have been building custom post frame buildings since I was 10-years- old. When my sister wanted to open a bar in Weatherford, American Barns did all the construction to bring her and my mother’s dream to life. After that, I knew I wanted to do what I could to help make Antebellum Ale House a successful business. I knew absolutely nothing about bar tend- ing, but my sister Montanna taught me all the ins and outs, before long I became the manager. These days I spend my weeks with American Barns and my weekends with Antebellum. 10 PCT: What is your favorite novel? AK: Ishmael by, Daniel Quinn. I love the way this book gives insight into the minds of animals PCT: What do you do to decompress? AK: I love coming home and hanging out with my lovely girlfriend and our lengthy list of critters, I guess a little love goes a long way for decompress- ing, I’d say. PCT: If you had to do another job than what you’re doing, what would you do?  AK: I would start a no profit to preserve, rescue and rehabilitate endangered species. A reserve for people to come to learn respect for the natural world and all of its inhab- itants. PCT: What is your impact to Parker County? AK: I do what I can to create compet- itive jobs for young, strong willed individuals to become more success- ful in their own lives as well as serve the community, whether it be a new horse barn or a cold craft beer. I also love working with the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, winning the Bachelor of 2017 with them was awesome, they truly are amazing people up there. PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever? AK: A day with my girlfriend Bailey somewhere out hiking in the wilder- ness with the sun shining bri vB@Bv''FRv&B5CvN( 2FR&W7BV6RbGf6PRvVBvfS*fRB&W7V7BFw2@FRFrf"w&FVB*5CvB2FR7BFW&W7FpFrRfRWfW"FRW ƖfS*F"vVV&BG&@vVBFr"FffW&VB7FFW2@6r6R&WGGr7GVfb6VBЦrFRw&B6fW"F2fVv2ǗvBFVP6FR&6W2B6V֗FRगBv2&WGGV6FRG&bƖfRЧFRRFfR&PFVv6R&L*6R2FRWr6V`bƖ6Rf"FR6G`vVFW&f&L*5C*rFBRvWBFW 67WF*w&WrWvFrFvFpVf&6VVB&FW"FVVRऒfRv2&VV7G&rGf6FPf"66B&6VGW&W7F6RfVW2B6W'frFW'25C*vB2W"ff&FRfV*( F6v&&B( Х5C*vBFRFFFV6&W73*VFrf6rrFpWG6FRGW&R5C*vB26WFrVRF( @r&WBS*vVv2&WBRV'2BW6VBFvƲגw&VBw&FFW.( 07G&VWBBWBF6WG26'2f W&VBFw2B7V7FW6W@FR( F6WG>( vW&R7GVǒ&V6VG0g&W"f&5C*vBvVBR7BƖRF&P&VV&W&VBf#*&VrG'VR6W'fBVFW"f"FP6VGBf"FRFW'FVCv2FrvB2&vBWfVbB0