Parker County Today March 2018 - Page 110

Partners With Parker County For a Clean Environment 800.350.3024 Progressive Waste Solutions is proud to serve all of Parker County’s solid waste needs. Weatherford, TX Home of Championship Bull Riding 108 E. Church St., Weatherford, TX 76086 817-626-2855 S&S On Site Drug Screening Mop Heads Cleaning Service Clean, Seal, and Restore Your Floors! Mop Heads Cleaning Service is offering a new and exciting cleaning experience. We are now certified, in restoration services for Hardwood, Hardwood Laminates (Engineered Hardwood), Tile, Natural Stone (Marble, Slate, Granite, Soap Stone), Grout and Carpets. 817-734-8836 • 817-304-1664 108 • Pr KY[\[ XY[\[¸( ۈY [\[¸(]H\ݙY][Y]H\B(\\ \X[¸(THX[ۜ8(X T\X\¸(\YܙY[•H[[B\ܚ[[\ܜ\H YYXY[[ۋ\\Y\\X[܈\X[[K]Z\\[YH[X]\]HY\B\^H܈HYH\[X]K[[]YܙXH][HXZH[\ܜZH]ˊ [ؚ[B\XBݚY[H]X[]B۝[Y[\XB]H[H[YB[[ۙ^K(\H[\\܈[Z[]Hܜ^H܈[¸(^H]HHZ[\و^܈HY[[[\¸(\[\[KۙK܈ۘܙ]HܜYYHY\X[Y܈X[Y¸(\[\ܛ]X[Y¸(Y[Hۛ[۝Xܜ۸&]X[Hܛ]Y\[[[]ܜ¸([[\\]\HHY\X[[Š MH LLL B[\XH]\[XYX[[\XPXZ˘B˛[XYX[[ܝ˘