Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 92

Continued from page 63 Trinity Christian Academy Valedictorian: Ethan Plevak Parents: Gregory and Constance Plevak GPA 4.12 90 This Valedictorian is leaving his legacy by graduating with Trinity Christian Academy’s highest GPA to date. Ethan is looking forward to attending the University of Texas at Austin, where he is planning to study civil engineering at UT’s Cockrell School of Engineering. Joining TCA as a freshman, he has acquired a long list of extracurricular activities, including core groups, junior ambas- sadors, art club, theater club and is part of the tennis team. He is also the senior representative on the student council and president of the National Honors Society.  Outside of school, he scuba dives, travels and volunteers. “I also love experiencing new things and places and college is definitely the place to do that,” said Ethan. He chose UT Austin because he wants to live in and see different places from where he grew up. “I also chose UT because of their academic reputation in the engineering field,” said Ethan. “It is a refreshing feeling to know that no matter what class I will take, it will be taught by an experienced and renowned professional.”  Though he is excited for new adventures in a new city, he loves Parker County because of how much it has grown over the years. “When I first moved here, it was a tiny, quiet place with barely anything to call its own,” said Ethan. “Now, as both the county and I have grown, Parker County is full of unique places and bustling activity in every town and city.” He is amazed by how far it has come. Salutatorian: Alli Quarles Parents: Kim and Curtis Quarles  GPA 4.12 Alli will be attending the University of Texas at Tyler this fall and is excited to be pursu- ing a degree in nursing. Throughout her high school career, she has participated in numerous activities, such as National Honor Society, and being a small group leader. Her favorite activity, though, was working on the yearbook. “It has been a passion of mine,” she said. “It has just been awesome to work with everybody.” She has been the editor for the past two years, and some of her favorite high school memories revolve around the activity. She also had the opportunity to be part of the Trinity Christian Academy homecom- ing court this last year.  She has attended TCA for seven years, joining the Eagle family as she was entering the sixth grade. She will miss the small-town feeling that surrounds Parker County and its resi- dents. She will also miss the lack of traffic, and the fact that everything is so close and just a short drive away. Weatherford Christian School Valedictorian: Moorea K VVǐ&VG3FBW'&RVVǜ*uBF2f&V2VFr&6'FFGFVB'FFF7FFPVfW'6G6R2F7GVGW'6rFVv6R2BVFP7W&RvW&R6RvG2FVBW&vǒg&6&FW"f֖ǐfVB'FvV6Rv2VvBB6RfVfRvF'FFFgFW"frFFW26PVBFPvVFW&f&@6&7F66f֖ǐW"V V"F0V"6Rv0&W6FVB`FR7GVFV@6V66F`FRfWЦ&FVBv2GV7FVBFFPF'266WGRbW ff&FRV&W2bv66FW22vr&WBv7BW 7F'FV6W"6W6rFfPF7'Bw&VV&W'6WFgFW"FR6v&27BFVv6PfW2&W"6VGf"G2g&VFǐF7W&R6^( 2W6FVBF&P&6FR֖GvW7BvW&R7@bW"f֖ǒ2( Ğ( BFvpFR6WFW7BfBWFW&R( 6@&V( W2E5R2vW6R( Х6WFF&㠥66FǖvP&VG3GW7FBvRvPu2ダ( ĒvBF&R&FW&Ɨ7B@WF"W7BvBFw&FR( 60vVFW&f&@6&7F666VW&VFW B7GVFV@66FǖvPvV6VBvB6RvG2F&PvV6Rw&w2W6RvBFW&Ɨ6&V6W6R6Rv2vBЦVBFw&FRBFVvBFRǒgVvFw&FRv2F&RWF"( גFV6W'27F'FVBFƶr&W@W&Ɨ6B&V6RFW&@&W"6VGFFWrFVvFVBFvF66f"W&Ц6( Х66Fǖ2FfrW"G&VЦ'vrFFRVfW'6Gb'FFW2B&rW&Ɨ6vFFV&R֖"VvƗ6@ƗF666V6RW"֖"ƗFЦ666V6R7FV2g&W"FW&W7B6FVVBvR