Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 9

“I pledge allegiance to the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse and respect the authority of the Captain. I will uphold the by-laws and comply with all the rules. I will wear my badge at the proper times and places, with honor and dignity. I will never embarrass nor bring dishonor to the Posse or my fellow members through improper or ungentlemanly conduct.” — Parker County Sheriff’s Posse’s Oath of Allegiance The Whole Posse (almost, anyway) and Nothing But The Posse. On a blustery day in November of 2016, these members of the Parker County Sheriff's Posse turned out on a 20 degree day to pose for Parker County To- day’s Cowgirl Photographer Megan Parks. It wasn't a quick photoshoot and, at times the wind made it feel more like it was 20 below but the Posse is made up of men who never back down from a difficult task. Splendid behavior. Photo by Megan Parks, of course. the caliber of men in its membership,” said 2017 Captain Randy O’Neal, who joined the posse in 2001. “We get a lot done. We have a lot of high- profile people backing us. We pull a lot of strings and, yes, we do have a lot of influence.” What does the PCSP do, exactly? 7