Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 85

over 1,800 acres, 1,100 animals, 50 different species, you soon feel like you’ve been trans- ported to another continent. With the repaving and updat- ing of Fossil Rim’s roads set for a July completion, driving throughout the park will be smoother, more scenic, and more fun than ever before. Starting as a game ranch, Fossil Rim soon changed its direction and turned into a conservation park. The most well-known animals that Fossil Rim has played an important role in conserving are the cheetahs, with their first litter of babies being born in 1986. As of 2016, more than 175 cubs have been born in their Cheetah Breeding Program, making them now the number one cheetah- breeding facility in the country. There are numerous ways to enjoy the park. One way is driving it in your own vehicle. This allows you to leisurely drive through the park at your own pace, seeing some of your favorite animals. This tour is not guided, but you do have a map that will give you some information about the animals and the park. Guided tours are a fantastic way to take the scenic wildlife drive through the park. With a wide selec- tion of tours, visitors get to learn animal and park knowledge from highly trained tour guides. A guided tour is recommended for all ages, and is a perfect opportunity to get to know most of the animals and the stories surrounding both them and Fossil Rim. This tour lasts around two hours depending on weather, traffic in the park and if the animals decide they are hungry that day. Their behind-the-scenes tours are fantastic experiences that allow visi- tors to journey to parts of the park not visited on the scenic tour. The behind-the-scenes tours not only take visitors on the scenic wildlife drive through the park, they provide you a special privilege to view the animals in their Intensive Management Area (IMA). With this area being off-limits to drive-through guests, you will get the special behind-the-scenes look that most people want. This three- hour tour is designed for children over 7 and adults. If you’re an early bird, the Crack O’ Dawn tour is perfect for you. This tour is recommended for all ages and takes you on the scenic wildlife drive. The tour lasts around two hours and guests are encouraged to check in for the tour at 7:30 a.m. It starts at 8 a.m. sharp and the tour vehicle won’t be able to wait for late arrivals. If you’re a night owl you will love the Discovery After Dark Program and Tour. This tour allows you to spot animals during their nighttime behavio Ȱ́ݕ́ɸ)ɹ́ѡȁф)ѥ́ѡЁ܁ѡѼչѥ)ѡɬI͕مѥ́ɔɕեɕ)ЁЁѡɕ́مȁѡ)ѽȸѕȁԁɥٔЁѡɬѡ)ѽȁեݥхԁݼ)ȁѽȁѡɽ՝ѡɬͥ)ѱ́Ѽեѡ݅(܁Mյȁ)չȁ (ܸ)ܹɑ̹((( ɕ ِ)Ё]ѠQ`)5䃊MQ͑䃊具L))չԴ)չȴԃ)չ))չش䃊)ձ̴؃)ձ))ձܴ)ձд(