Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 76

our opinions: ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT In The Comfort Zone Nothing brings on a case of the summertime blues like an air conditioning unit that stops conditioning. Question: What do you do if your home is not so comfortable anymore? 74 Answer: It’s gotten hotter by the day as we enter June, and your AC has started running at least a part of every day to keep your family comfortable. But you don’t remember it being this uncomfortable last year when you ran your system. It may not be as bad as you think – because let’s face it, all of us are afraid of having to replace our air conditioners. It’s an expensive upgrade, and one that’s not readily avail- able in most family budgets. There may be something else going on. It may be a duct issue. The biggest red flag for these kinds of problems are hot and cold spots throughout your home. When you think about your AC system, the air returns are the veins while the ducts are the arteries. Both are important for your system to run at its lowest cost and highest efficiency. There are a few reasons that your duct system may be the problem with your air conditioning system. 1. Duct system was improperly designed or installed. According to the National Comfort Institute, the average duct system in the US is only 57 percent efficient. If your system is not working at the highest efficiency, it is cost- ing you not only efficiency but also money. If your system is inefficiently designed, it doesn’t supply and return the required airflow to heat or cool your house efficiently assuming that you have the right-sized equipment and everything is functioning as it should. 2. Your ductwork is leaking. In an average home, 20-40 percent of the air that circulat W227BF&VvFPGV7G2bW"GV7G2&RVrR6RWfV&RV0''&WGB'64T6f'BWW'G066rWFG2g&WFF'2FVFW"W RBVvFfVǒ7BW""VƗG2w&2B&Vv7FW'2&R6R"&ǒ6VVB`F22G'VRf"W"77FVFR"6W66R&Vf&R@WfW"&V6W2FR&2&V6W6RFR"27BB6W6W0W"77FVFv&&FW"FRWf"FR&ǐ6VVB&Vv7FW'2BFvVB"F&"GV7G2W"GV7G2&R6FV@6W2vW&RFW6&V6RFvVCGv7FVBVB7'W6VB"F&7VF&W7G&7BFR&fpF&VvW"77FVrBW72Vff6VBR&&&ǐF( BvFW"GF2"VFW"FRW6R6F2&P67W'&rvFWBRWfW"vr&WBBR""֗76r7VFFR"FBRfPBF66W66Rg&FRGV7G2bW"77FV0B7VFVB&W"7VFbGV7Bv&vFV7&V6PFR72bv&"FRvFW"B6"FP7VW"bF'GGV7G26FRW"R66&FrFFPUFR"VƗG6FRW"R&RWFFW2v'6RFvB2W7BWG6FRbW"GV7G2VV@6VrFRF'BGW7BWFG2BvW&2&R&VpvVBF&V6&7VFRF&VvWBW"RखbRB77FV6V6WBFR&VvrbFP6V6bFW6R77VW2vVBfR&VVFv6VBगN( 2BFFRFfR77FV6V6Wr&Vf&PFRFrF2b7VW"&VǒBW""6FFpBVFr77FV6( BVrBƖ6RƖP&Vg&vW&F"N( 26Ɩ6FVB6RFBVVG2F&R6V6VBWfW'6gFVN( 2&Vǒ&WBFR6f'@bW"f֖ǒBbW"77FV6( Bv&rBG2FVff6V7N( 267FrRBW7BW"6f'B'WB6W"W