Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Take The Pledge: “Stop Texting and Mourning” R ecently, a very wise man said to me, “Most sins are wonderful gifts or virtues that are either taken to the extreme or used in the wrong context.” When I heard that, I thought, “OK,” and then began to ponder how I was going to go about renovating my kitchen, not that I spend lots of time in my kitchen, but still. A week after that “sin” conversa- tion, I saw something that made me ponder my wise friend’s insightful comment in a much deeper light, as I attended the funeral of an old friend. Miss Mary was a sweetheart. The mother of one of my dearest friends, she was kind and thoughtful and gracious. I arrived at the funeral home early, found her daughter and granddaughter, gave them big hugs, before selecting a pew two rows behind a row marked “reserved.” As the service began, the pew in front of us remained unoccupied as the pallbearers filed in and were seated two rows ahead. The pew stayed vacant throughout most of the eulogy. Then they arrived, a young couple — well, at least she was young, I’m guessing she was in her early to mid-twenties. She was stun- ning, like a young Jay-Lo, with long, silky hair, long, dragon-lady nails, fresh extensions on her eyelashes that looked perfectly lovely on her as did the simple, chic, black Donna Karin dress. She arrived on the arm of a tall, handsome man; he looked to be at least 15 years her senior. He bore an oddly striking resemblance to Mr. Clean. He had a shaved head and a goatee. He wore a starched pair of Levis with a heavily starched Oxford cloth shirt, and a pair of plain but good Western boots. He carried a beautiful little girl that had to be somewhere between the age of two and three. She looked sleepy. A five- year-old boy was holding the beauti- ful woman by the hand. They passed up a few vacant spots in the back to be seated in front of us. The man sat the little girl on the woman’s lap and the little boy sat down next to her. The little girl immediately began to fuss. The woman pulled out her iPhone and activated a game — one that seemed to be about Disney princesses. Disney princess music blared out of the speakers. Th HX[ۘ\Y]BX[[\H[[YYKB][H]]YHٙ[[ۙK]HY&]\]ٙH]H\ܘXYHX[\[HX[X]ۙY B[[H\Y\Y\HXYۈ\[[[\&\[\[Y\^Y\ˈ]8&\[H[[›[\\Y\][[ۈXHTۙH[Y[^Z[B\ۙ^H[\[YH\H[\[ܙ\Y H\ۙ^H[\™[YH[ۈۙY\H]H\[\Y\ ]X\ MHZ[]\[K[H\\[]Y]\\ۙ[\]HYۋ[YBZ[]XܛHXܙY[]Y[YY]H[[[\\[[]8'[[]'BHۙ\Y H\Z[HYۂ^H][[ۋHYY\^B][[ۈXHZ[\\\[[X][H[ [\\X[]H\H[\H[Y[X\H[H[Y^H\X[][[ۈHۙ\[[\[\XKHۛH؛[H\]BX[ܙY[\[۝و^HXB[\ۙ^H[\\\H[œ\[\[X^[[YYܙH^H\H^Y\ˈHܚYšY\^H^Y\ۈHZ[\\[ٙوH\ۙ^H[\[YK[[K\X[[YH^B\YKH\Y]H[ق\[[YH[\8' 'B]\Hܛ]Y[HY[[B\\]HY]HTۙBۋH][YKH\XH\˜[[ݙ\Hۙ\YX]HY[]HوH\H[Y^H\HYZ[]YBXX\Y Hۙ\Y]Z\YHYH\ZKHX\Y[B][\]\HYH\^KB[\ۙ^H[\[Y\][\[[XY[H[H\[\[[]\HXY [H^]YZHY[[\]\H[ Hܛ\BܙKH[X\و[Y\BYY][\]\[[]Y\œ[H[Y]Y[X\وZ\[Z[Y\˂HXYX[H[B[]\]HXܙY[[]H\ۈ[۝و[Kx&[HY\[]ۈ\X]Y H\ۙ^H[\[H[˜X[\HYZY[ܙB][[ۈ\[[[\X[[HYH[YHۂ\TۙKx&[HY\[H[ Tۙ\\HܙX][[[ۜ[H[Y]H[YH\\^H]B]Y]\]H[[]X\ۙ\\HXZ[\ܛ]X\[]\YܙHZ\[\ B[ۈ8%[X][ۛHܛ\ۙH[XYK[܈XY[X\HۋY]܋Z[PYY[X\\\\[H^HXY^[