Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 53

Peaster High School Valedictorian Rachel Gustafson Parents- Wesley and Lauri Gustafson GPA - 102.84905 Rachael Gustafson will be attending Texas A&M in the fall working on a degree in Allied Health. Her eventual goal is to be an oncologist. “I want to go far into school, I know I can do it,” she said. Rachael was inspired to pursue a specialty in oncology because her brother was diagnosed at the age of five with leukemia, and she was there for his journey back to health. She spent a lot of time with him in the hospital when she was small, and had lots of questions for his doctors during his treatments, asking, “What’s that, what’s that?” She describes herself as a science geek. She was a member of two different varsity sports teams, playing both volleyball and basketball for Peaster High School. In the volleyball team, she was a member of the team who went to state for the past two years. The girls’ basketball team also did well as they finished the season as the district champions. She was a member of the National Honor Society and an officer with the Foreign Language Club. Attending Peaster ISD since kindergarten, she will miss Parker County because “Everyone I know is here. I’ve lived here my whole life. You know your way around. I’m excited to branch out and see what else is out there for me outside of Parker County,” she said. She plans on practicing medicine in the DFW area when she ́͡)͍Mé͡Ёѥ)ѕȁɅՅѥA٥ͥѥ)ȁչЁɕ᥹́Ѽ)ЁѼ͔ȁȁ啅́M͠)Յ̸͕)Mхѽɥ)MɄ )Aɕ̴ Ʌ䁅Mѕ )Aĸ)MɄ) ȁ݅)ѼɅٕѡ)ݽɱѕ)ɹ)ݼ啅)ͥ)Ʉ)ѥͽ)ѕ́ɕ)]ѡəɐ) )MɄ́хɕȁѡ)Ёѡɕ啅ٕ́́ɹ)Յ̰Ѽͽ)ѥՅ́́͡)ɽչѡݽɱɅٕ́́)Ёѕи!ȁѡȁ́)ɥݡ́ЁѕЁѡ)͡éݥѠЁѡ) Ʌձѥ) ́)]ɔɽՐԄ) ͔MեɔYѽɥ)ɅMхѽɥ(