Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 47

PARKER COUNTY TODAY: What do you do day to day? TOM WARDER: I build and install custom signage boul- ders, fire pits, benches and landscape edging. I can create landscape accents that match the color and texture of any home or business. PCT: How did you get into this business? TW: I realized that after 25 years in the corporate world that I needed a change. I saw the incredibly beautiful boulders and continuous landscape curbing that Boulder Designs and Border Magic were creating, and jumped in with both feet. I purchased the franchise rights for Parker, Tarrant and five other surrounding counties. PCT: What is your backup job if you weren’t in this busi- ness? TW: I’m a salesman. There is always a place for good salespeople. PCT: What is your favorite thing about your job? TW: Creating and building things is my passion. I used to work all week and build things in my spare time; now I get to create something new every day. It’s a dream come true. PCT: What advice can you give others who may want to follow in your footsteps? TW: My grandfather was an incredibly smart and wise man; the advice he gave me was “find something you love and then find a way to make money at it.” I would pass along this information as a great way to approach your career. PCT: What is the best piece of advice you can give customers? TW: All the work we do is custom to your design. Let’s work together t \YۈY][[H[[Hܙ]\]\H[[\\[[[H]HY[[[\Y[•ΈHX[H[HYZ[][[ܙYXHY\[H^BܚXZ\ۈH\X\[HوY[ۙx&\YK]\Y][]\۸&]ۛX][\؏Έ]8&\[HY[XH]\Y^H]HHܝ[]B]ZY] ]]H[HX\Y\Z[[\Y[•Έx&]HX\Y]\[ۈ\H^HX\Y[B][\X\[[\ܚX\[˂VTUSHˋS˂[ܜ\ YH [\ H]B]YH]X\H8( L ˈ\8(X]\ܙ ^\ ͌ [ۙNB‹BBBB'SHӑQ SRSHTUQ8'BH\HYHH\۝[[\H[Z[HۙY[H\[H[H\XHBBY]”ۙNB‹BBB[H[\ \XH[H NMN