Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 31

The goal of the WPCAS staff is to remove the feral cats from urban areas and relocate them to environments where they can be functioning animals in a more rural setting. “Since our feral cat program has started, 1,293 cats have been saved from euthanasia,” said Animal Shelter Manager Ashley Woolnough. “The program is absolutely imperative and important to the shelter due to it saving so many lives.” The benefits of having a barn cat are many, but the most obvious reason to adopt a barn cat is to control the pest problem on your property. As territorial creatures, barn cats will use their natural instincts to hunt small rodents such as mice, bugs, or snakes that may be lurk- ing near your livestock. This, added with the fact that cats are very low maintenance, means that adding this extra animal on your farm will actually save you money. By protecting the feed for your animals, the barn cat is simul- tan [\HYY[]['\[]ݚYHH\XHوYH[۝ []8&\HܙX]]\[\[ۈو\۝ [B۸&]]HܜHX]\[[X[][[B[ZX[8'H۝[YYY \\HH\[[Y]وۚ[\]\B\H[[Y]܈[\[[[\\[[X[˂]]HY[ۛۈXYH\[[ۜ]]KBݙ\[YH\[\[\[HܙX][H[ܙHKB]H][\H[H\]\H[[X]HX\ۂYH\]\Hܝ[]H܈[H]H[ܜ[Y[[X[H[H]H][]\YK^XH[H]ۙHو\H[Y[\ Bܚ[\]H[\&\\]ܘ[HY[]H[HۙH[ Y\H[\\]\Y[\[ܛX][ۈ[\\YH[[[و][B[ ۙYY܈[\\H^H[H[H۝XY][X[ۜY\[HY\Y[\[[\\][XHYܙH[X\K\][ۛHH\\Y[Z\   ]ˊB[[H^YY܈]]\YYܙHZ\\][ۈ[\\K[H[H]HH܈܂^و[\]XX[HX[]Y\[\]B]X\Y܈Y[YX][ۈ\\ˈH][HXY\]H[\܈[]\Y[\\KۘHH]\]H^H[]HH]YZY\ BY[\[\Y[[\Hܘ]\]^H[XYHX\YYZ\]YK\Hܘ]\œ[H]\\H[H[YYH]ۘB[X\Y \Y\Y[\[XZ\\H]][YH]^\][[^\YHX\H]ܘ]H\YYX]\H]ۜY\]HYHXH\HB۝[[\\H\ݚYY Y[H[ZH\\H[\\]^H[B[۝XH[\HۙH] MMNN M LLK[B[[[H]Z[Y\و\ܘ[HۈBT&\X]K˘KX]\ܙ  \M \P] Tܘ[KX]\ܙ\\[B[[X[[\BBBB]ۈ\”H[ZY\B][[X][ܙH\\BXHوH\[[X[X]\ܙ ݂˙XX˘K[[X[ۘ]Hۛ[H]X]\ܙ ݋[[X[ XܞH[HX]\ܙ  ͌  MMNN M LLB[ۘ][ۜ\H^YXXJB KHZ[[ۈ[[\ݙHHTX[]B[Z\YH][Yܝ˂