Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 16

It’s About The Company You Keep “I wanted to be in the Posse for a long time but I was running a business and didn’t feel like I had the time to devote to it. When I get into something, I want to be able to contribute to it,” Ward said. “The posse has always had a reputation for the great men that were members, men like Jack Borden, Boley Pearson and Tom Saunders. The Posse always has had so many well-known outstand- ing businessmen and ranchers in it that it’s really such an honor to be in the Posse.” Part of the Posse mystique may have something to do with the fact that it isn’t easy to get into it. Ward was welcomed into the Posse fold the first time he applied, but he’s in the minority. “I know people who have tried to get in three or four times before they were finally accepted,” he said. By the fall of 1947, the Posse raised its membership cap to 50 members. A valuable asset to the Posse is the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse headquarters. Not long after the Posse’s inception, interest and activities were growing by leaps and bounds, larger quarters were needed for meetings Continued on page 19 When Dr. Noel Bryan came to Parker County, he became the only veterinarian in the county. That was in the 1950s and he joined the Posse in 1959. “When I moved here, the Sheriff’s Posse was the organization in Parker County as far as I was concerned,” Bryan said. “This was an agricultural community and the posse was made up of ranchers, dairymen, bankers and lawyers. They were the hierarchy of Parker County. It was the type of organization I wanted to belong to. Eugene Polser and Boley Pearson got me into it. There were other good organizations in Parker County, like the Lion’s Club, and I belonged to them, but I was a country boy; the Posse v2ג6RvV'VBג6Ɩ2WBFR֖W&vV2vvWBBFW&R&V6W6RFR&W"6VG6W&fn( 276Rv2W7BWFR&B( ХvV6VBvBR66FW&VBF&RFR&vvW7@6VvRf6r6W&fn( 276R6F''6B( vWGFrWfW'RFR6RvR( Ф&v&BVBFR&W"6VG6W&fn( 276RPV'2vFfRbVr6VGRv2&6W.( 06fRvFFw2vW7FW&v&BfVBvF0f֖ǒF&W"6VGcR@&W"6VGg&FW"F2&FV2RbFR6VG( 27BW6Fr6G&FF2FRvR6r2&GV6VB'FR&W 6VG6W&fn( 276RN( 2BW7B'&6'W7FrB'V&Frv&B672VFW'FW'2ƖRG&6&FW"'&VRv'FwFfR&VV'BbFRƖRWV'27BFRW&6VB'FR&FVvW2F&7B6WF&VFVB6&FW2