Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 113

Bachelor: Jared Bandy Charity: Senior Center Chef: Aaron Austin, of Vintage Grill & Car Museum Moving to Weatherford when he was two, Jared was raised right here in Parker County. He currently is a powerplant operator, where he goes and checks on things like abnormalities, and if anything goes wrong, he fixes it. In his free time, Jared likes to compete in fitness competitions, his biggest one being American Ninja Warrior. To do this, he stays in shape all year long to prepare for everything, so he is constantly training. He was on the last season, and will be on season nine this summer. His interest in these competitions began after he got in an accident in 2011. He got out of shape, and in February of 2015, set out to change that. The people at his gym encouraged him to join them at a competition, and the rest is history. When he isn’t training, he is holding his own events locally at Anytime Fitness. Last year, he did one a month from July to December. His last event was in May, and he will be hosting another in July and one a few months after that, totaling four for this year. He hosts these events so that others can share the experi- ence of being on an obstacle course. He is excited to be raising money for the Senior Center. “One of these days, I’m going to be there,” said Jared. “I live here, and I’m going to be here forever.” His plans for the more immediate future involve completing the American Ninja Warrior competition, and becoming one of its champions. Other than that, he plans on retiring, traveling and possibly having a family. Bachelor: Greg Reger Charity: Stars and Strides Stables Chef: Jason Ratliff of Downtown Café He’s excited to have Stars and Strides as his charity because of what the therapy does for the adults and children with disabilities. He’s looking forward to helping them out by raising money to help them grow in their reach. Greg lives his life with the motto, “There are always more ways to improve your business,” learning how to do busi- ness better by improving day-to-day procedures. His future plans are to hopefully purchase another sawmill, grow his business and, as he says, “enjoy living and working my ranch in Parker County, Texas.” Local cowboy and owner of Lone Star Sawmill in Millsap, Greg Reger is not technically a Texas native, but got here as fast as he could. Originally from California, Greg has been involved in cutting horses and team roping. Naturally, he came out to Parker County, “The Cuttin’ Horse Capital of the World.” The draw? He attended Weatherford College working toward a degree in equine reproduction management. He participates in team roping events in and around Parker County. His life is extremely busy with his sawmill. He started out building ranch stalls. But word soon traveled around the area that Greg had his own mill, which eventually led to a huge boom in his sawmill business. His business focus is cutting various types of both treated and untreated lumber that includes cedar, oak, and pecan as well as more exotic woods. A big portion of his business is recycling and cutting telephone poles to be used as treated lumber. 111