Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 111

5. Possum Kingdom Lake Hell’s Gate Equals Summer Heaven, Fall Fun Parker and Peyton Kincaid that hold different natural habi- tats, along with aquatic vegetation. Popular species to fish out of the lake include largemouth bass, small- mouth bass, striped bass, white bass, crappie, bream, and blue and flat- head catfish. Possum Kingdom also releases trout four times a year, filling up the lake with a wide assortment of fish for the angler in everyone. After you come and visit Possum Kingdom during the summer, come back in the fall and enjoy the breath- taking views on your weekend getaways. Watch for “Parent’s Guide To Summer Survival” Part 2 in the July 2017 issue of Parker County Today Magazine If hiking or biking is more your style, come to Possum Kingdom to experience the rolling hills that can be used by just about anything with legs or wheels, from casual strollers to serious hikers. Multiple trails offer beautiful scen- ery that offer breath-taking views of the lake. Locals and visitors enjoy the newly completed hike and bike trail that includes more than 280 bird species for nature watchers. Three major hike and bike trails are free to the public and are offered year- round. Fishing is also spectacular in the fall. A favorite spot for all levels of fishermen, Possum Kingdom Lake holds nearly 18,000 surface acres of water, with 310 miles of shoreline Possum Kingdom, located less than 50 miles from Parker County, is in the foothills of the Palo Pinto Mountains. It’s also known as, “The Great Lake of Texas,” and is an 18,000-acre picturesque lake surrounded by cliffs and hillsides. Possum Kingdom has a wide variety of summer activities includ- ing boating, diving, swimming, and fishing. But Possum Kingdom is more than the go-to place for your water sports. Activities abound that can be enjoyed in the summer as well as in fall, because of the beautiful Texas fall weather. The fall season in Possum Kingdom is a perfect time to take advantage of beautiful hiking trails, perfect canoeing water to canoe and fish out of. Your family will love the Possum Kingdom experience. We all know that people love to boat on the lake during the summer. When you boat in the fall, though, there is nothing better than the crisp fall air blowing in your hair and the calm, serene surface of the water as you cruise the lake. Possum Kingdom is the place to be for all your water activities. “We want everyone to know that even though PK is a great place to spend during the summer, it is a remarkably beautiful place in the fall,” said Gayla Chamber, Director of the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce. “Any beautiful fall after- noon, visitors can boat and camp without the crowds that the summer brings.” Starting with the world-famous Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on September 3, or their Possum Fest BBQ and Chili Cook-off in early October, plan to canoe the Brazos River, just below the Morris Sheppard Dam. Named by the Spanish, “Brazos de Dios”, meaning Arms of God, this river gives canoeing enthusiasts the choice of tributaries to explore during their trip. The calm and peaceful waters, along with the beautiful fall colors give any outdoor enthusiast the perfect nature experience. 109