Parker County Today June 2017 - Page 110

Continued from page 85 Way. With categories from cobblers and pies to salsa and miscellaneous, there is one important rule you must go by to enter — it must contain peaches. There are both youth and adult categories in this event for every chef in the family. The Peach Pedal is a fun event for bike riders the morning of the festival. Numerous participants come together to ride in their choice of the multiple routes from 8 to 61 miles flagged off. This ride will take participants throughout the beautiful, rolling hills of Parker County as they pedal for a terrific cause. All proceeds from this event will go to the United Way of Parker County. Whether you come for the food or the fun, the Parker County Peach Festival is a must do event that will give you and your kids memories for a lifetime. For more information, go to Again, Parker County Peach Festival will start at 8 a.m. and continue to 5 p.m. Admission is only $5 for adults and FREE for children 12 and under. Tickets may be purchased in advance for a discounted price of $4 at the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce office at 401 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, Texas 76086. ages six to ten. This course uses the classic version of Minecraft, teaching children about a real programming language called Python to get access to places to build games, teleport, and change the world around them using Python. Their Video Game Design class designs a 2D, Mario-style video game. Students start by using Bloxels boards to design their characters. They then take pictures of the boards to put the characters into the games to be able to animate their charac- ters. They will design whole levels, learn about the many aspects of game design, including artificial intel- ligence in enemies, and then will present them to parents. This course demonstrates that games are not just consumables, but actual programs and machines, built using science. Makerspace Skills for Inventors is a full class covering digital fabrica- tion. Digital fabrication is rapidly changing the way products are designed, prototyped, and manufac- tured, and students in this class will get hands-on experience building projects of their own with cutting- edge digital fabrication technol- ogy. The first half of this camp is focused on teaching the students to use the equipment in their maker- space, then students will use the remaining class time to design and build projects of their own using any, or all, of the technology covered in class, including: 3D printing, digital media production (vinyl), prototyp- ing concepts, dye sublimation, la \][[[ܘ][[]]X]Y[XY\[ˈ\H\HX]\X[Y\]X^H\H] Y[\YݙHY[H[X BKX]X]\ܙB[\[Xˈ\X[[[\Y]H[[܈XB][\\܈X]B\[[YH[X›]][\[ۋ\Y\H^H[\^Hٙ\Y\Bܘ[\][][[ܙH\۝[YH[\[8&\œY[HYX][ۈY]BYX\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈXX[۝8&\[\[Y\ܘ[Kۛ[H˘KB[\[X˘K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]BXX\][ \\[KBXX\][ K H[\XX[YX\Z[ [XYY[XB[Y[X^Hو MX]\ܙH[\[X\ܛۂHX\[[XZ[B\XH[\[\\[Kۙ\]Y\X[[[YHYX][ۘ[^\Y[BX]\HH[YXX\[ B[X]ܘ[K[B[\\Y[\Z[XK\X[[X\Y]HXZ[XX[[[[\[[[[[X\ۈZ\ۂH[ܚۈܘ[\Z[[Z\ۙY[H[X BKHZ\[ۈوHH[\[X\[Y[][ BۙY[H[Z\X[]H\BXH\HZ\ۈ]\\˜HݚY[XHYX][ۂ\\\YX]ܜ\[[[] ][\[Y]Y\XX\Y]Bܝ[]H܈[YX\X]XH[\\[K'HH]HHY[ B[\]\Hܙ\][H\\Y]H[\][[[H[K8'H\X[[ZY '܈[K^H۸&]ۛ]^H\HX\[^H[^H\B][['BH[\\HY[KZ[\Y[\][Y\[[\B[HY]Y\ H[\\›ݙ\Hޙ[XYX\\[X BH܈YHHYHو^Y[ˈZ\[[\[\œ[[ܙH[ۙH[YK\[\B[x&\H]وۋۙH[\\B[[܈X[Z[XܘY܈YL