Parker County Today June 2016 - Page 78

Randy Travis was on the show with Ray Price. After the show we all went to eat at the Waffle House. Randy Travis and his entourage came in after we were seated and they set in a back booth. Marley and I were on our way to the restroom and passed Randy Travis in his booth just between our booth and the restroom. We had to walk right past him, so we stopped to say hello and tell him how much we enjoyed the concert. As I told him how much I enjoyed his performance, my daughter threw up on his feet.  He was wonderful about the whole Photo by Kar Morgan Lunsford thing. He was totally concerned for her welfare and whether she was OK.” Ahead of His Time Drew Springer, Springer Financial DC, KC & the Sunshine Band Dave Cowley, Senior Vice President, Texas Bank Financial, On Air Personality, KYQX Radio JUNE 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY In the early 1970s, Drew Springer was a fresh-faced young executive with Tandy Corporation. “I worked as a controller,” Springer said. “There was a lady that worked for the Kim Dawson Agency and she was always grabbing me when they needed a fillin on a commercial or TV show or voiceover for the radio. But, they never paid me for any of it.” That all changed one day in the summer of 1971 when the modeling agency rep called Springer and asked, “What are you wearing?” Springer replied that he was wearing a brown suit with a yellow shirt. Her reply was, “Do you have a tie on?” He said he did. She said, “OK. I’ll be by in five minutes to pick you up. Some guy from Dallas is a no-show and we have photographers ready and I need someone about your size and type.” Springer recalled, “So, we go over to the Eastside of Fort Worth, to a not-very-nice place and we go into an old building that had graffiti all over the walls. There were cameras set up everywhere. I was thinking, ‘What in the world?’” He wasn’t the only model in the shoot. There was a willowy young woman and another man. The three of them posed standing at a row of urinals. Later, Springer learned that they were shooting a poster to sell nationwide. The subject was the Women’s Liberation movement. Springer said, “I asked her, ‘What am I getting paid for this?’ And she said, ‘I’m going to pay you this time. You’ll get paid in royalties.’ Sure enough. Since 1972, I’ve already received $29.42 in royalties. But, when I show the poster to people, I find that people all over the country have seen it.” It’s not Springer’s only brush with fame but it’s certainly his most unconventional. “I’ ve been on TV,” he said. “I was on William Shatner’s Moving America Forward and that was the first time I’ve ever worn makeup. This poster was of my back and they didn’t have to use make-up for that.” 76 “I’ve had a lot of brushes with fame, but they weren’t really ‘odd.’ They were mostly planned interviews. The only odd one I can think of was when I was on a commercial flight and I looked over and there was this kind of big guy that looked vaguely familiar. I was trying to figure out who he was and then I noticed this big dangling diamond earring that said ‘KC.’ I started singing, ‘That’s the way, uh huh, ah huh, I like it. Un huh, uh huh.” He said, ‘Yeah. It’s me.’”