Parker County Today June 2016 - Page 73

Catching A Falling Star Shelly Mowery,  Mowery Cutting Horses, MareCare Inc.  “I rode in a rodeo parade in California in the early ‘80s, I was Miss Coors Rodeo,” Mowery said. Katherine Ross, sultry star of The Graduate and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, was also riding in the parade. “They ran out of horses for people to ride in the parade so they started putting people on bucking horses. They put me on one but I’d been riding horses all my life. They put Katherine Ross on a bucking horse and she hadn’t been riding horses all of her life. Probably, at one time the horse they put her on was a horse that people rode. The night before that horse was bucking in the bronc-riding competition.” It wasn’t that the horse bucked with her. “Those horses only buck when they put a flank strap on them, but we were going up an incline and it was getting pretty rough. There were bands playing and people in the parade throwing candy, and baton twirlers … The horse Katherine was on got spooked and took off.” Always a woman of action, Mowery went after Ross and the runaway bronc. Her long-time friend, famed horseman Julio Moreno, who was riding beside Mowery in the parade followed her heroic lead. The horse, with Ross still aboard, ran through a marching band.  “We were on concrete, with sparks a-flyin’. Katherine had given up and threw away the reins and was hanging on to the saddle horn for dear life. Julio went to her left side and I was on her right; if I hadn’t the horse would have veered in that direction. We got the horse stopped. Ross was unscathed except perhaps for some frazzled nerves and maybe a bruised ego. “That night Katherine didn’t ride in the grand entry, and who could blame her?” Mowery said. “Later in the evening she was in the announcer’s box and I went up there and we chatted for a moment and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you for what you did. You saved my life.’”  The One That Got Away Craig Swancy,  Mayor of the City of Weatherford, CEO of Craig’s Music Flea From the ITCH... with Bravecto is a soft chewable that is given every 12 weeks. Bravecto kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and the treatment and control of tick infestations. (deer tick, black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick) for 12 weeks. Bravecto also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks. JUNE 2016 819 Santa Fe Drive | Weatherford, TX 76086 Phone 817-594-0216 • Fax 817-341-8400 819 Santa Fe Drive, Weatherford, TX 76086 • (817) 594-0216 | Metro: (817) 596-8808 Mon-Fri: 8am–5:30pm | Sat: 8am–12pm 1421 FM 1189 Ste. 4 | Brock, TX 76087 (817) 599-8085 Mon-Thur: 7:30am–6pm | Fri: 7:30am–5pm • Emergency calls after hours • PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY “I’ve met a lot of famous people and have worked with a lot of famous people,” Swancy said. “The best is probably the one that got away. Everybody has heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan.” Grote VGrote eterinary CVeterinary liniC Clinic 71