Parker County Today June 2016 - Page 37

How can I get the most successful outcomes in life? (Whether it be as a new graduate or battling cancer) “There is nothing more important to me as a physician than your cancer treatment. I’ve been in practice for nearly two decades and have had the privilege of telling many patients that there is life beyond cancer. As president of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, I want to lead by example, practicing a firm belief that all patients should receive the finest medical care available, with the same concern and compassion as a cherished member of the family.” Ray Page, D.O., Ph.D. President and Medical Oncologist The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders To learn more about cancer care issues or to consult with a phys ician about a cancer diagnosis, contact us at 817.596.0637 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Support services sponsored by: JUNE 2016 Schedule appointments by calling 817-596-0637 or online at Well, we just got through another graduation season. As an alumnus of Southwestern University, I went to Georgetown on graduation weekend and was honored on being the alumnus inductee into Phi Beta Kappa, which is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honor society. After 30-plus years with 17 years of education, 595 semester hours, 4 academic degrees and 4 certifications – they FINALLY let me in, hahaha!!! I was privileged to give the keynote address to the brightest and most accomplished Southwestern graduates, along with their families, friends, professors, board members, and the president. You know, it is a challenge to be inspiring to the aspiring. One of the topics I conveyed to the graduating seniors was how to achieve successful outcomes. I have discussed with many of my patients over the years what I believe are the three variables for successful outcomes. Although I discuss this with my patients more in the context of battling cancer I think these core concepts can hold truths for you also. Here are the “3 P’s:” 1. Prepare yourself — you need to do everything in your power to optimize your mind, body and soul through education, good nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. The number one variable to enable the opportunity for advancement is knowledge. Learn everything you can from reliable resources about your aspirations and how you can optimize your situation and your health to achieve positive goals. 2. Pick your team — Surround yourself with the best team possible, with people that advocate your best interest. Regarding your health, pick a team of doctors that you have confidence in their care. Is your doctor reading the literature or writing the literature? Does your doctor spend time learning from others or educating others? Is your doctor reactive to legislation and policy or is your doctor proactive with shaping legislation and policy? In oncology, does your doctor contribute to cancer research and give you opportunities to get access to experimental drugs on clinical trials? It takes a tremendous amount of extra training, time, cost, and expertise for a physician to go the extra mile for you by engaging in cancer research. Find a physician that will do everything in their power to give you opportunities for successful outcomes. 3. Pray — There is divine healing, and divine intervention in your lives. God has His hand in your life. Bottom line is that you and I don’t always get to choose our outcomes. I have cancer patients that statistically should be cured and their cancer comes back with a vengeance. Conversely, I have seen many miracles where cancer patients have defied all earthly odds to find improbable cures and long term successful outcomes. So get yourself right with God, use the power and support of the church, and ask people to pray for you. Do these three things and I assure you will have the best opportunity of having successful outcomes in whatever you do. 35