Parker County Today June 2016 - Page 25

fantastic. It’s like 100% this is my school.” She’s enrolled in the university’s honors program and is looking forward to being with other students who are like her who want to focus on academics first. “I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter and just getting to redefine who you are. You get to start over,” she said. Salutatorian Draven Tell Parents Tamara & Chris Tell GPA 100.460 Valedictorian Trey Thomas Parents Wendi & Tommy Thomas, Jr. GPA 3.7 Salutatorian Peyton Thomas Parents Kim and John Thomas GPA 3.492 Peyton has been all over Texas this year showing her herd of 20 different animals which included lambs, goats and pigs. She went to the Fort Worth, Dallas, San Angelo, Austin, San Antonio and Houston shows. From her showing experience she said, “I’ve learned a number of different things. You always have to have faith and pick yourself back up. In the end you will be successful if you keep trying. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Peyton has been very successful this year. Her goat Andy was the reserve grand champion at the Fort Worth Stock Show where she won three trophies, a belt buckle, a banner and three ribbons. She then sold her goat for $21,000 at the Fort Worth sale. “It was an amazing experience. It’s a once in a lifetime experience,” she said. Peyton will be attending Tarleton University in the fall and majoring in agriculture services and development. Her career goals are either to become an agriculture extension agent or be an agriculture teacher. She will have a hard choice having interned at the extension office where she found that the agent did everything she liked to do. She also had great ag teachers at Poolville. She’s a recent transfer to Poolville, just attending two years at the high school. In Weatherford where she transferred from, some of her individual classes had more than 30 people in them whereas in Poolville she has a total of 25 in her graduating class, so it’s been a big difference. Moving to Poolville she said, “It’s a little bit of a culture shock. Everybody’s been really welcoming and warm. It’s been a good experience.” PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Trey started his career in the US Army even before beginning his senior year at Poolville High School. He is following a proud tradition in his family of military service which he will continue as he attends Texas Tech majoring in civil engineering. He knew he was going to join the military and he chose the army because “It’s the only branch that guarantees you a job in what you want to do.” He signed up to be a horizontal construction engineer driving heavy equipment like backhoes, forklifts and other heavy construction equipment. He wants to be commissioned as an officer after college and finish up his contract. “You have to wait until you get your commission until you know where you are going,” he said. He enjoyed competing in the UIL math competitions and the Poolville team came close to the state competition during his freshman year. He has been in Poolville ISD since kindergarten and likes the fact that more than half of his class has gone to school together all their lives. He was usually a step ahead of most of his classmates. He would meet after school with teachers to learn even more. He will miss the small town life of Poolville, but he is looking forward to “A lot of new faces and a lot more people to meet and making new friends and all,” he said when he goes to Tech. “There’s a lot of cool things about Lubbock,” he said. He’s also looking forward to more than a month of vacation this summer to enjoy exploring the Dallas and Denton areas with a good friend from his unit. “She’s taking me to all of these cool events,” he said. JUNE 2016 Peaster must have a strong math program since both of its top students are going to be math majors in college. Draven will be heading off to Aggieland majoring in math and minoring in business. H e wants to be an actuarial as his chosen career path since math is his favorite subject. He’s already been to a baseball game at Texas A&M, and is looking forward to all of its traditions and strong campus culture. He is especially anticipating attending his first yell practice and football game. So many of Peaster’s graduates from last year attend A&M he’s gotten advice and insider information from their first year college experiences. One of his best memories at Peaster is winning the district championships in basketball this year. He played point guard on the team and is looking forward to playing intermural basketball at A&M. Draven has been in Peaster schools since the third grade and said, “I’ll probably just miss how everyone knows everyone here.” He will be living off campus because he was late in deciding where he was going away to school waiting on scholarship offers and continuing his research on careers for math majors. He was looking at Trinity and A&M but decided to go to College Station in the end because it was more costeffective. Poolville High School 23