Parker County Today June 2016 - Page 114

The Last our opinion: COLUMN BY MARK BROWN Word Just Shut Up JUNE 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY W ant to know the secret to a better life? It’s simple. Keep quiet!
Seriously, one of the biggest problems that plague our society today is that just about everyone talks way too much.
Some people you associate with will demand it. There are way too many people out there that tend to go to great lengths to extract every last detail out of the lives out of everybody else. They want to know every last gory detail. Most people just love to talk, to tell all, to analyze. So, whatever category you fall into, you will have a much smoother life if only you, first, manage to stay out of other people’s business, and, secondly, you somehow manage to resist the compelling urge to tell everyone everything about everything. It’s OK. They really don’t need to know. Families, businesses, circles of friends — none of them are immune. It doesn’t matter what group of people you’re dealing with. Loose talk has caused misery, incited wars, agony, it’s destroyed relationships, torn apart marriages and sometimes entire families 112 … the list goes on.
Ever heard the expression, “Loose lips sink ships?” The meaning of the cliché is “beware of unguarded talk.” The phrase dates back to the midst of World War II. It was actually created to alert military and civilians of the vital need to shut up, to alert them to avoid getting caught up in careless talk or spreading any kind of sensitive or classified information to the wrong people. A lot of people who were working in the defense industry, in factories and other industries that provided support to the U.S. military, would inadvertently pass along data pertaining to ship movements and other sensitive information, hence the reference to ships. As a reporter once said about Admiral Chester W. Nimitz as he took over command of the Pacific fleet, “he was reasonably frank about saying nothing.” Nimitz had the right idea. I’ll give you some words that I try to live by. First of all, “When in doubt, shut up.”
Secondly, “less is best.” Just beware of FR'W7&Gࠠ