Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 95

PARKER COUNTY AG Maddie McCormick Weatherford Christian School Incoming sophomore Maddie McCormick has been showing sheep since she was 11. Her parents thought showing would be a positive influence on her, would help her learn responsibility and meet new people. Her favorite part about showing animals has been the relationships she has had the opportunity to build, whether it be with the animal she raised or spending time with other like-minded people in the community. Maddie’s favorite memories all involve little moments with her peers, such as seeing friends she wouldn’t otherwise see, or making new friends each year. She has also loved watching herself improve over her years of showing, and learning all about responsibility and hard work. Her biggest inspiration throughout her showing career has been her older peers. “I’ve looked up to them since I star Y[]H]Y[H\[[]\HYX\8'HZYXYYK8'YZ[Z\X[\[\ܚ]X\][YB[ܙH[]][ۋ'H\H\[\\Y\]H\YXYH[[\Y\š\YY\\Hۈ\HHH[[ ][š\\Y\Z[HY\\\[˂\Y\[XYYH[\HY\XY\[[X]X]\ܙ\X[ ӔԑYBXYYHXܛZX‘ԈSSTTH S SQTPSSTQSPSPSTUHQQš[PX\[[[\˘BXX[^[[\\[H[Y\X[X[\]B MML M SHPTSL