Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 8

our cover: SUMMER FUN Fun-filled things to do with your kids — in and around Parker County BY MARSHA BROWN Who says there ‘Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues’? We’ve got a whole list of ‘em. W hoever said youth was wasted on the young probably said it in the summertime. I wish I had half the time back then that I spent reading comic books indoors. The Beach Boys must have had north Texas in mind when they sang of endless summers. Look outside! It’s official! The days are long and hot, and the kids are out of school. How then to manage the sweltering variety show that is life in the summer of 2017? By the time July rolls around, most parents welcome a few ideas beyond loading the kids into the Suburban, taking them out to the nearest shopping venue and dropping them off — armed up with mom’s credit cards. Try heading outdoors — really! The whole logic of life in Texas has been to head indoors to the sweet languor of air conditioning. They say that the coldest winter is summer in San Francisco. Forget it. It’s summer in a Texas shopping mall. Yet, people have survived and thrived here from time immemorial before the advent of refriger- ated air. There are many ways to stay cooler outside, the best being to splash around in water. 1. DISCOVER CHANDOR GARDENS — See what all the fuss is about. The gardens are fascinating to adults and children alike, but for very different reasons. English portrait artist Douglas Chandor incor- porated his quirky sense of humor and childlike wonder as he converted what once was a cow pasture into a living work of art. Kids go crazy over the fountain made of pop bottles and marbles. Teenagers (especially the girls) love hearing about the love story of Douglas and Ina (see The Chandor Story). You can take a self-guided tour or get with another family or two and (call ahead, there’s a 10 person minimum) take a guided tour with one of Weatherford’s docents. They all have fun stories and can point out some fascinating features most people would miss on their first visit to Chandor.