Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 62

Jared Bandy Charity: The Parker County Senior Center Jared operates a power plant as his day job, but in his spare time, he is a contender in fitness matches like American Ninja. Kind-hearted, funny and free-spirited, Jared is a non- fuss kind of guy with an eye for quality. A bachelor pad is the one place where you can do whatever you want and that you can decorate how you please. That’s because you’re the only one that has to like it and the one that needs to like living there. This means there are no rules for how to decorate your bachelor pad. You can even put your feet on the furniture if you feel like it. It is, after all, your furniture. Tammy put together a boudoir using manly furniture of heavy wood, yet beautifully carved and combined it with a simple, no-fuss duvet in rich, handsome, hues. 60