Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Take The Pledge: “Stop Texting and Mourning” D oes having a great sense of humor impact how successful you are in life? Uncle Roy owned a successful barbershop on West 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth with a clien- tele list that read like the member- ship roster of the Fort Worth Club. He worked until he died at the age of 81. He tried to retire but couldn’t because some of his more famous clients would not let anyone cut their hair except my uncle. I always assumed that Uncle Roy was the world’s greatest barber. Recently, I was talking to a long- time family friend and the subject turned to my Uncle Roy. I mentioned what a great barber he was and how many well-known North Texas clients he had. She said, “Your Uncle Roy was a terrible barber.” I was shocked. I mentioned the famous businessmen who were regu- lar, loyal clients of Uncle Roy’s. She nodded. “All those famous businessmen went to your uncle because he had a great personality and he was hilarious. He told the best jokes in town. And he was a great banterer. No one ever could figure out where he got those jokes, but he was funny. He gapped every- body’s hair but nobody cared. He made them all laugh.” That makes great sense because he made me laugh. I often lament to my friends that Americans don’t tell jokes any more and they seldom exchange witty banter. What’s happened to conver- sation? It’s an art. It’s quickly becom- ing a lost art. When I was a child, I made sure I had a nice collection of jokes, most borrowed from my parents, members of my family, friends of my parents, late-night television and comedy records. Late-night television isn’t very funny these days; it’s more annoying than amusing. A favorite joke of mine when I was a child was, “Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the armadillo it could be done.” My father loved Parade Magazine. It came in the newspaper every Sunday. He loved it mostly because o H[[[Y 8'^H]ܚ]B\˸'Bx&YXYH\\ݙ\XZ٘\[H[ H]™^\]\x&YX\[H[ۙH܂و\]ܚ]\\Z^Y ق\KX[KۙHو\YY[X\[YHۈ[ۜX[ \\[KH[[ۜ[\[^H\YܙH\[XY[ۜXۈY\^Kx&[H^XYY\HH܂H^HY8&\\\\H܂ۙHو[Hx&\ˈHݙH]\œ\XHܙ[^][ۈ[\H[Bو[[܋]8&\ۙ\[YH][[܈\[]H[[[\]Bܛ\وHܛ HX\]HX\ۈH[BH]^HH[[\\[\B]\Y]H\܈H[\ [][Hو[[܋H\[وB[]X[]X[ܜX\˂[[܈\HY\[[^Hق[]X\K]]\]HY[\8'Z[]\'H[H][[\]ܚ]H8'ۛۛ'HK]8&\[\\[YH\ܚKB[KZXY[X]ܜ]HY[[[Hو[[܋[[ۙB[HXH]’HXYH]ܞH\YZ˜X]HYH]HXZ]XY\ܝܙXHX[HYۙHو\ٙX\ZXYYX]\BHX[XYHHHX][KB]\[H[YHX[܈XZ[BK[X]HYܛBH[Y]H[H[[YHBX[Hو[[܋[ X[Kق[\\[X[[\X[ۋۂ[ˈH\\H\HوB[]X[]X[ܜX\[ܛ[X\\و]ۙHو^BX\Y[Y\\8'H]\B[\[\[ 8'HXX][X[H[]و\\\[\KZHH^H[X˜[Y˂HXۙX܈H[YH\[XBۚXY]ˈY\HۛH]H\›X[H\H^\ۋ] HX[B[Y]H]8'^Z[ۛXY8'H\H\^HXZH\H[x&\B\ۛXYHY]KBX[YKx&]HXYHHY]Hق]\˂ۈ[\X]Y ][[H]\YH[[HYXۂ[\YO[[H]\YHHYB[Y]Y[\\^\Y[\˜[[Y\]HY[˜[[Z[HY[X\܋[[B]\X[YHH\Y\قܙY[[Y[Y\“ۘH[H[KH][\[ۙHۈ[[ ZHٙ[\U][]YH[Y[H\ZH[H[\B\\YHHˈ[H\و\[[[Y\܈YX[“ۈY[ˈ[]\YB\[H[\H[H[]HYHو]Y\۸&]HۙHوH\Kݙ\B[]]K]X[HܜXۛBZ\ˈYHۋ[H8%]YB]Y][\[]Y]HX\\\]H[YK[x&[B[ܙHX\ٝ[ \Y\[\[ ۛ[HZY][\[][H]\ [܈XY[X\HۋY]܋Z[PYY[X\\\\[H^HXY^[