Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 53

height of his career. His night time soap opera, Dallas was a huge hit. He played the nation’s most beloved villain J.R. Ewing. “Larry was in town for a Chamber of Commerce event,” Sherry said. “He wanted a sports jacket with the Parker County Courthouse painted on it.” And, he needed it immediately. Someone suggested that Sherry could do it. He bought four sports jackets at a local store and brought them to Sherry. She was almost speechless and totally star-struck but none of that impacted her ability to create. “I painted the jacket and dried it with a hairdryer,” she said. On her way to the chamber function, she hung it on a hook above the rear passenger side door of her car and hope the hot summer breeze would sufficiently dry it for the star to wear the jacket. It worked. Hagman became more than a loyal customer. “He was a friend,” she said. Over the next two decades she received letters, numerous orders, cards and even bouquets of yellow roses (a symbol of friendship) followed from Hagman and wife Maj. “The phone would ring and I’d pick it up,” Sherry said. “The voice on the other end would say, ’Well hello Darlin’.’” After he died in November of 2012, Sherry was invit- ed to his private memorial service at Southfork Ranch. In 2001, the building on Palo Pinto sold and she had to find a new building for the business. They bought a building on York Ave. and relocated in 2001. With more room, Something Special could do more “specialness,” since Sherry had more room. In just eight years she managed to pay off her new building. Sherry and Larry’s Statue “Larry was always so good to Weatherford,” Sherry said. “He always referred to this as his hometown. I wanted the town to have a statue of Larry.” Shortly after Hagman’s death in November of 2012, it was proposed that she and a handful of community leaders form a committee to work on accomplishing the goal. Sherry, along with Jamie Bodiford Brinkley, Di Ann Towson, Donna Tillman and Marsha Brown went to work in an effort to honor him with a statue. With the help and support of Civic Development Inc., the committee raised funds for the bronze statue. Sherry chaired the committee. Local sculptor Kelly Graham created the bronze statue that now graces the lawn of the Doss Heritage & Culture Center. After 30 years in business, Sherry shows no sign of burnout and when asked if she ever plans to retire she said, “I had a bad fall last August and it never stopped me,” she said, with a radiant smile and a sense of pride in her voice. “It slowed me down some. Now, I have three 3-inch screws in my hip. I’m still painting and blinging. I love my work and I love my customers. I have no plans to retire. I’ll be here for a good, long, while.” 126 York Ave # B Weatherford, TX 76086 51