Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 52

our success: SOMETHING SPECIAL Rarely-Still Watters Run Deep After 30 years, Sherry O’ finds new ways to spread her creative wings BY MARSHA BROWN S 50 herry O’ opened her business in a small corner of a two-story office building on Palo Pinto that housed the insurance agency owned by her husband Dennis Watters the summer of 1987. “Dennis asked me to answer his telephone while he was out and to include some of my crafts in the little room attached to his office,” she recalled.  Her business operated in its corner until Operation Desert Storm began, and he was deployed. “While he was gone, I moved his office upstairs,” Sherry said, adding Photo by Steve Schillio that she began a business of her own on the street level. “I was afraid it would cause a divorce when he came home.” But her devoted, always-upbeat hubby was fine with the whole new arrange- ment. “I just told him that my business grew so fast while he was gone that I really didn’t have a choice,” she said. Actually the truth was that her business had grown. The growth for Sherry and Something Special Boutique has continued to this day. She celebrates the 30 th anniversary of her business at her York Street shop on July 21 st , at 11:00 in the morning. Sherry designed the first Christmas on the Square Shirt her first year as a full- time business, and has produced one each year since. ‘It’s a collector’s item for a lot of customers,” Sherry said. “Over the years I’ve designed a lot of Peach Festival shirts as well.” From across the country, celebrities, entertainers, and special people make their way to this “one of a kind” boutique, where she uses boots, shoes and apparel of every kind as her canvases creating, “wearable art.” It’s all original, using no stencils, no patterns, painting each piece by hand, adding a variety of embellishments ranging anywhere from Austrian crystals to seed pearls and Conchos. “I started out with five painted shirts and a few crafts,” Sherry said. “I wondered what the public really wanted in the way of my craft.” Sherry had been involved in art and crafts most of her life. “I had worked for several national craft companies, including Tandy,” Sherry said. “I sold my designs to a number of national magazines.” While working for Tandy Corp. in the late 60’s, Sherry designed crafts for the company, even though she was just out of school. She painted shirts and blouses for customers, on the side, at $3.50 a shirt. “That was years before the fabric painting made a hit in the craft market,” Sherry said. Over the years, numerous celebrities have commissioned her to create one-of-a-kind pieces for special events. One of the most recent was Madison Ward who wore Sherry O’ creations to compete in the Miss Rodeo Austin Princess competition, which she won and then to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Texas. She took First Runner- Up. “That outfit was inspired by me and I wanted something that was a fiesta theme,” said Ward. “My best friend’s mom is a fantastic seamstress and she made it, but Sherry O’ put the yellow roses on the dress and the boots. She did some fabulous work for me.” Sherry’s first real celeb- ri G6ƖVB6RFW"ƗGFPF7G&VWB6''vvVFW&f&BFfPBFVWf67F"v2BFPF6v&B6W''( 2vV"Ц&R'Gv&6W'FW7F